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Check out all of the action from this Weekend's Premier League fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Barclays nearly reached its -- eighth and final round on Sunday at the -- of the game of the season that the whole faults wild west probably Manchester United shed ten goals. -- -- -- -- sir Alex Ferguson was given a gullible enough to Rockets lost Davey Johnson the champions and advertisements. Any side strolled into the free -- league -- temple -- and in the sixth minute over. Not then it just moments like that Antonio Valencia's cross was intended to. -- -- -- -- tonight. The -- of live inside half an hour had a wonderful thing to do was finish by Alexander that would not. But west -- fourth. People half time as Brian Lawrence cross with -- run game but -- Morrison. But just off the right so you can probably look awfully well the shot clock obviously they -- quickly. However the ovals that it's as quickly as they win that night. Love them I think that I'll just wait and see -- the cap and warm designing needs a break debate this are nice quality. Thought as the top lines office door and unite to establish -- -- -- -- honestly doubled five to -- -- line. Picked up on this time it goes right. What went wrong well I think again. Minutes remaining cub -- -- -- second -- the off today and made it very five. I'm just seconds off the green stuff that but he's comfortable with that. This time you sent them a big story that I can't -- five. I'm incredibly the home side hold off the unthinkable when new -- who bundled in his picture. Despite the sir Alex doesn't lie with a big Belgian seventeen goals but I'm -- sitting on loan Chelsea match as it finished. -- -- Also won the rights vocal but qualification for the champions laid. One goal was enough that the trade you can also paying they had defendant long has shown me relief as much as celebration for the -- only sure thing. Consecutive season in -- Caribbean competition. Result meant to help them win over Sunderland was -- the black caps were reduced to ten lead with fifteen minute. We're biting when David bones balance our Atlanta and then the second yellow and subsequently red. But it took until the final minute -- the host to a bad team right -- Inevitably -- our style of golf to. The Triple Crown laughs I think yeah with a sensational strike -- because that's the goal of the maybe -- the -- stay competitive golf and get in the thing that Chelsea -- Went to -- and Alex felt that Buffalo shots -- the -- that -- -- -- school but have a good level and -- -- -- -- I think that. -- -- -- -- This would also Rafa Benitez last game in charge of the break and having won. They don't win tonight he signed off with a final Premier League -- -- -- -- -- the -- in the regulation in 2000 vaccine Bachmann and -- are. A frustrating season for Manchester City ended without totally lost and our -- the only goal alive Donald at 26. He's helping to punish them so -- defending. Manager lets hit that good at this kind of -- but restored power to even hold a half hour gusting about five innings of Jack -- while. Let you know originally getting their latest stop in the second half when you're pressing Robinson brought to cross the -- home tonight to walk. The -- well he's comfortable polled think there -- times since I've been shot until he. Style -- Did shine at the Alamo. However it would be enough fresh share of the spoils at Norwich wind up playing this victory at the stadium practice blitz you. I was right we're showing how good. -- signs -- that campaign with big trip already relegated cue to golf. People that much and they'll send an emotional that well to Jay Howard got things and now. Good time and they sell out the reds might Schulte so I don't with a win difference -- -- crowd got from the -- you know. West and -- -- best that you can not get that -- -- like eighteen reading these things side when a woman did. -- but the Royals will be back in the championship and that on the future goals like the -- they could see it some thought a comedy of errors gleefully punished by having notre. It was too and they'll just call a foul witnessing -- How old film work a lot of bats and I used to dread it. But off the bright ready -- to come back that reduced the deficit -- our best players ever found -- -- than they -- deflection. Then Jody Mac and of -- was conducted by superstar probably a photograph that Mike Richards yeah. At the stage the visitors up right where the drive but -- -- -- -- -- I found a way -- -- to rule them -- -- That's no good with the amount of rights through were still have a blade. Then in the west -- playing a bunch of old has a little bit about things across to my finals gold -- Now have a tendency vote through one of the things that's it marries the most illuminating things for long periods with the -- that you'll -- okay. Until almost like eight to crouch headed in the the fifth wheel pulled. But the whole society -- share of the spoils went to -- Top story. I'm trying to -- as Ricky. They didn't want all. Already relegated Wiggins finished the season with a two hole Gloria the it's going to be. -- stadium. Just five innings but what will have a long twenty in front -- -- -- but I had a pretty talented deficit place. And the FA cup winners when Jim Robinson -- half stoppage time. Cup final here are Ben Watson tried to playmates but it was definitely a goal from -- but yeah. That I won the big -- of points on the final day though I thought it offers sensational. Strike from twelve golf don't that's it. Finally -- the validity stadium where it's one thing was surprisingly. They were ahead of twenty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he still might in the top that I thought with the club just. The league companies won't have -- -- going. But the play different goal in stoppage time as a big help. Flying on the love. So it is now the final birdie on eight tables that it's the ultimate relegation and here we already know quite gotten. You can also the surprise struggle -- sixteen. That's what Manchester United group that's awesome club finishing. Good points ahead of second place not just the city and Chelsea and dump. We'll hostile at night there's talk that the ball.

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