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The England and Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere unveiled the new England home kit.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's it will series convinced that he can also challenge for the title next season he set foot ankle surgery after helping us I qualify for the champions they. -- confident that he will recover in time for pre season training. Jack -- arriving for England's you can launch. I -- launch with a difference -- catwalk no fun fact. Just -- presenting the shot to Jason Kelly -- pupil of his former schools will show himself. Must wait to try and New Jersey. There's an out began to resume full speed of the big guns to -- for -- coming up and anonymously runs total of just more episodes you know -- is always kind. It was previously done a delay is this coming because I. We get it done now and uncle Tom often we'll come from an excuse and I'm all ready to pre season as well you confident and for the qualifies as well for -- today and it should be pulled Israel should be initially a two week turnaround actually got some of failure from walking and astonishing rate had been -- I wouldn't do that soon and just before Mueller back. And we'll see -- some of break will be that more enjoyable. After Sunday's events. And the fact -- qualification came at the expense of you know Boone made the achievements. Even more special. It's sickening -- take -- to miss out today and also on the right. The runners are over we've been awesome call them and you know makes a bit more -- testing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- week. We do in government who is equal to pull for the last sixteen years and attitude and enthusiasm. And great jokes. By. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And will -- is targeting a title challenge next season soon I think that's what we don't we do you know to. Took him across from you know you can always tells us sometimes you'll -- we will crosswind politically go through president boasted of a billion or so I think that had a great season. The next season after -- We can honeymooners a performance as well and just that and I think we -- to -- -- -- -- don't go great school great. Great kids they're great championship I've lost -- games and we contained in that season with a great chance. Success for hostile success for England's will -- dreams the next season dollar check sky sports.

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