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Tottenham was able to come away with a late win at home to Sunderland, but it wasn't enough as Spurs' future was out of their hands.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Taught him trailing the gunners by a single point headed into their meeting with Sunderland at white Hart lane and so the will Lily white knew. Then only be full three points would give them a chance. Win again Sunderland yes. And even win would not guarantee -- they need. To fill the scoreboard watching after this one as well twentieth minute Sebastian -- pushing down here at bay. Fewest for a penalty that was quite often directly on what America. For -- fourth of the season on Ravens -- can't believe that 46 minute Aaron Blanton. Crossing the bail firing it off Jack pulled back. -- appealing for a hand ball not given on that one either be -- should be. Seriously. Scoreless about a 51 minute Manuel had a bottle put a shot on goal post way. Walker -- his arm again no handbook given to them like just to play. Not to be awarded a penalty this season. 75 minute David -- slipping a Mariners showed him his second yellow it was in Sunderland to play a man down and in the eighty ninth minute Spurs desperate for a -- Isles -- Player of the year we'll -- -- Tallied 26 goal of the season taught them winning 10 lead nervously wait in news. That personal matchup start him. Continuing their dominance over the black cats they've suffered just one loss in the last twelve -- -- league home games against Sunderland with his point -- goal of the season -- -- Tying -- sharing him for the franchise record any Premier League season. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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