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Current Video:Wigan v Aston Villa Premier League Highlights 05/19/13|

Wigan still put on a performance even after being relegated heading into Sunday's fixture.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been thus this past the other the DW stadium we've been looking to -- an extraordinary week. And the extraordinary stay in the family behind. A couple of those last weekend run against them since their pools and -- hide inside five minutes of this final day took down events. Besides if the seed in suspension with this to bed decade. Stood still since January 1 league goal since September. We get responded it's gonna put it that they look back Colts. Powerful header from stiff back and with the boys but we threw them but couldn't have predicted a couple of them today. -- the end of the phils. For the Espinosa to make you -- face. Just before the end of the coastal we get to -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- at the F a cup you know included school was to Buffalo Atlanta Westwood without his clothes they couldn't make it. Don't go to the pool that we go next. It was obviously possible and it's exciting for us -- -- -- get to London clubs. Into the second hope we get started brightly. Created the bulk of the jones'. Need them most of the points tally of the Premier League they didn't cruel to do that it would -- -- but the voice is achievable goals. But. Mythical bonus for those who vote again. Facility showed -- -- go to the regulate against my accident -- pretty -- -- -- struggling defensively but it was Villa who struck it. Very very -- schools. -- gold glove but not defendant's second go for the club. Pretty spectacular finish as well -- Johnson I don't know have they been below the level of you know blog. After the with the defeat of the last night also -- -- -- -- enough that favourable safety rules of golf John. Fine effort from guys -- putt that -- the golf but at the end and finished publicity but we get to stability.

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