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Current Video:Chelsea v Everton Premier League Highlights 05/19/13|

Catch all the action from Sunday's contest at Stamford Bridge.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Towson was looking full at victory instead incidents that that creates things to -- their place in the right -- table. Haven't made a great start today's date today was they went deep threat with it but -- seven minutes when accent still seems like at all this season spitting thing in place Bates. The team how it made a hash. In the post about that may visit it's it's -- -- and go to the season. And AT in all competitions. Edits and we're looking to go out so much hype in David who always title gave me shots and they found the equalizer Steven Smith with these guys go. Seeds have been. It's twenty threaten any guarantees that won't give it away I can't beat new ace and the lyrics and Ashley Cole floating point leads -- ball. Yankee Sid could benefit if it's any -- he says that unlucky not to go win. After we can shake the opponent's home to -- to check the -- bouncing to safety. Davidson it would all night at their previous final -- an eight matches. To a season. The -- -- books at Stanford rates in the Maggette gave up. They went behind the fifty minutes and maybe what we've been the decisive goal substitute the Tibetans is hitting down. But then it's always the school of its best for any any goals sixty said that. It's 22 that the season in all competitions. But it still had a golden chance to equalize flexible and it took a fantastic -- -- to check. If he cannot substitute defeat to get a hit he gets three good opportunities not to coming off the bench it's the best though that. But Chelsea --

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