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  1. Aaron Maybin1:10
  2. left foot2:00
  3. left hand0:59
  4. Sunderland0:34
  5. Derek bell1:57
  6. Spurs2:10, 2:14

Current Video:Tottenham v Sunderland Premier League Highlights 05/19/13|

See all the action from Spurs' final match of the season at home to Sunderland.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Those finishing the season with a win and a club -- points tally that ultimately. They sent -- with -- was meaningless. Those new -- -- good good to get something that they dominated at a position that this -- -- sighted at best -- to the opening half ballot. Affront to the right -- -- binding. Did not that -- -- on reads. That's riveted so why not related Sunderland side as well. Pulled it up back to let's begin a four children Shea almost capitalized upon -- Cameron -- Spurs' top scorer at almost getting -- the end of the calamitous had -- back. -- goalless at half time. The second half sub them at again at the early Jones. -- Graham the son forcing you could -- him but he couldn't read his left hand side. That's news filtered through that also let it become so it's because there's fulfilled here. Went close with Aaron Maybin hit the -- This -- it insult them a penalty area that you say that the initial mistake. Under pressure from density and that had. They're real fortunate enough to school. Students thanked him and Garrett fellowship great to coach admits he created opening. Once again denied -- regulate but the clock was ticking down and status with desperate for the golden but it also a depressed yet. Exceptional control from playing with -- go back to the hole that you make once again denying him. They people was that sits up a -- -- attempted to had been. Second yellow cards will be something that plan. With just two minutes remaining Derek bell did what he does best putting the bullets in his left foot. Another low post strike. The ball well last plant. The best player in the Premier -- this season. Giving Spurs to victory but it's ultimately meaningless. -- we've been Spurs opted to hold spots.

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