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Current Video:Ryan Giggs through the years|

Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs recalls his past and reflects on his experiences as a Red Devil.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some days it's certainly been a mainstay on sir Alex -- tenure the scotsman even remembers the first time you laid eyes on gigs at the ripe old age. A thirteen in famously described him as being like quote. Cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the -- gates is also been a mainstay of the BP L Aaron quite possibly. The greatest player the week. As ever witness. And community folks in fiscal. It's just tough it's been playing still. The finest play for months not married 1617. What was faulty -- soon is the greatest achievements. He said. -- available I think I'll still be playing this age you know. I wouldn't have been the same. I was voting count us in Wales I'm amazed. -- so when I was seven. It was a real good players so we wouldn't really call it went well off. It's a look at the -- thing that not -- -- was blocked himself yeah I am I'm mixed race and growing home I had little bit of racism. You know sometimes. Soft gets seeing all trying to NCA. Alex encountered a little bit boat I was determined not to stop me from doing anything and he never really bothered me. I think is the impetus did you still you just get a little bit and obviously it must schooling. I -- -- to keep my mind off everything. To some assorted players from some of the thinking -- a million miles away some bigger problem with. And I was maybe 1215. And I was. I was really sensed my interest united who knows his skill -- -- -- I was training with Guzman heroes changing. Helps in my keys people won't feel so -- People -- thoughtful posters on the on the -- him all off. Gave the seventy hero. Defense team. -- the team's fight for the team will cost player. I'm music I've earned. Thought nineteen. Its citizens and communities. I don't think so no I mean. I don't know I mean that's the type -- in a couple of years so. We just don't -- -- finish chances. And still fail safe and still affected the game. Received it's doing its job and this is -- so unbelievable Woodson was that I did tonight so I feel will -- -- statue outside the ground that one that. I think if Andy tomorrow you know on the field 65 contend for some potential long been successful there. If they finished in my game I think the sense. Nothing just enjoy every minute trying to get the most hours. And every game is that the competition in. See it takes.

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