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Current Video:Ferdinand set to sign new contract|

Manchester United defender is looking to stay on at the club for another year.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your president has agreed to sign a new one year deal with -- and I hit the center back is out of contract in the summer but I decided to stay on -- twelfth season Old Trafford. The 34 year old joined united back in 2000 suit. Caught a world record be -- -- up all -- 29 point one million times from -- It retire from international football on Wednesday. It's gotten a lot these won almost everything in the game -- time Old Trafford is 16 family titles. He won the league cup in 2006. Against Wigan and 2009 against -- -- when the committee to issue four times against Arsenal Chelsea Portsmouth and city. And it was also part of the united side that when the champions league of penalties against Chelsea in 2008 Moscow and which -- about -- -- he also won the club World Cup. Redman scored his first goal and five years last weekend when he scored a -- where it's about his last game Old Trafford just as it. His nineteen. The list for ninth all time leading up. President has made 27 league appearances winning 74%. Well respected five tackles attempted he's made 220 -- says a 150 at -- was added. Yes I pass completion rate of 90%. It's really committed seven fouls being broke twice scored one goal.

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