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Current Video:Preview: Tottenham v Sunderland|

FOX Soccer News previews Saturday's Premier League clash between Tottenham and Sunderland.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't want fox soccer news last night. Fred will likely lean on their star striker admits that name -- has Sunderland Andrei Milledge Spanish is looking to lead time and -- only an. And -- qualifying for champions league spot. Find out how he plans to do that and he's not commenting on -- rumored departure from white Hart lane. While Glen Taylor has the story. They're still in the race before stored in the Premier League that's not going to battle taught in the facing. Still -- the rules so would've fought to keep these men the clubs Garrett -- -- for the people money move to Real Madrid. Report CB English media should just taught them -- to double both his wages to keep you don't want hotline. And Andre villas boas is confident he will have his -- season. -- interest is for the public to two to continue here and make it an adequate so. You know whatever it is that happening. Get this forum for the player to be. -- -- -- -- the -- This had been accused of being over reliance on -- this season. One remedy for that could be the acquisition of Barcelona struck at that Villa was mainly for the moved to watch -- late in the off season. Well as in other words of one of the world's best strikers. You know what to what Camilo speculation at this time to stop him and his very. Surreal because you know you know this disclosures that are very. Active and in the last weeks of the transfer window. So you can see that incident and speculation is that he's growing here -- -- -- at home to focus to get that too forceful. JP is a football could be the key to keeping dialed. Estes will need to be Sunderland on Sunday at her London rivals Arsenal slip up -- do you counsel to make it happen. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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