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Current Video:Premier League Preview: Spurs hope for miracle|

Tottenham must win their final Premier League match of the season in hopes to claim a Champions League spot.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh what is the message. From Andre BS guys that means the final day then. Yes thanks awfully message quite clear from Andrei Venus -- look officer ourselves for told them they do if they went if they beat Sunderland. As they can reach a club record points tally of 72 points out 72 points -- That may not be enough to qualify them for the champions league. This season a forcibly you counsel. But it would have been OK and ten of the last eleven seasons. -- but Andrei this course as remaining relaxed despite that they -- of his house. Took two of the bulletin that the chairman and do you want to recital is considered success or not I couldn't put myself in that position. But we had a striving to achieve his his is 72 points should be you know primarily -- highest. And I think easily -- -- Kelly and you know and allow us to have. The music continues in the Premier League parks from once all. Twice or not. And he wouldn't be enough for you to Lipton before putting and that. An -- -- -- focal could mean united Arab style is the latest on his feet tickled. Well in recent years told them how of quite a good record of rewarding players we have Todd exceptional seasons not that it was the outfield certainly falls and I can't -- At twenty his twenty goals a season making up for that went into the extra points four told them reported figures. Of 170000. Tons of its last elevated as well as -- walking you. Up like that like these reports. Our interest is for the plated two to them to continue here and make it phonetically so. You know whatever it is that happening. Did his forum for the players to be. And that we this. -- -- The do you feel confident but do you think you feel confident he'll be able to hold -- so yeah I think so. Believe this I'm motivated opponent and Sunderland Politico O'Neal left toward that a few of his players might just take the sit kisses. That's why hardly on Sunday and head off on holidays released Clinton Ancelotti says we play as a team we -- as a team and able. Tackle box together as should they get the replied that level of performance only Connie Haas threatens. To cut short the summer holidays and only give a four week summer holiday should tests on the than not perform so they will -- a motivated opponent.

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