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Ex-England Manager Steve McClaren reacts to former national team captain David Beckham retirement.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve -- tire management committed to national level he says he is one of the most professional players hit at what we. He was a great player. He made that very most of these problems and that was true sure I'll work professionalism always -- -- -- on the trading field. He -- by -- teammates series performance based. He was a winner he's worked so many things in his career he was a winner and that was infectious. Published eight minutes and inspiring personality also appeared in plays in this PA -- professionalism. On and off the field but I think. Ultimately it was only get people all over it. You know that they keep everybody follows in football that your players politics and how we play bigger players all of them. It is personality. And even off the field. You know these young players. Your explicit. Oh and -- -- question. So he's always been our leader -- got lots and lots of followers who. By the end of this trade it was a it was a fantastic ambassador -- struck the ball around the world but also for our country -- well. In helping bring major French. -- -- -- -- -- big news about one of Beckham's former England teammates today front -- -- and -- months of speculation about his future. By signing a one nick.

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