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Current Video:Neville on Beckham's decision to retire|

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville reacts to David Beckham hanging up his boots at the end of the season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's been away from home which went to see is if this in 1990 wildly came about studies now. -- the end of the role he's finishing on a high that are sons of bodies went into the championship full. People David -- -- incredible achievement do you look at that think while he's incredible array of -- caps have medals. The longevity it is Korea and Wendy speaking -- -- was remembered as a hard working football player they are the things that really stout for major natural. Shot I had within really they just looks noticeably -- solely. Well it is how he possibly co pay to be the best they could -- what you think about the way it was football's changed over the last 22 years and he really totally been. For the most influential player outside they didn't. -- -- just -- football he's an incredibly -- I think instead of leaving the good results go play Madrid to Milan and parties. It LA each other sports the England around the world as well and I think that's something that he's aware of something he always want to do and they've -- they saudis in all messy thing to go about to play with him. Every single clothing job that he -- -- -- has style was followed. I think that's a big part he's got -- -- football buyouts of football thus the reason now that you seem. That he is -- bus that. The Olympics for the huge events -- this day -- because -- have you actually ask some sports hitting lead around the world through football.

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