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Roy Hodgson and Jamie Carragher share their thoughts on Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand's decision to retire from international soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If done and announced his retirement from international football -- and made his debut back in 1997. Going on to win 81 cats. And England heads territory Hudson is -- in Amsterdam to wash your oblique finalists evening admits he was surprised by the decision. He's been -- fantastic season to come cheap tactics news. I think that you can win tonight I can only respect his decision and we've seen in the future and can thank him for me calling symptoms you experience them with the -- this team and our future were you surprised by his decision. I guess I was you know I don't know didn't didn't expect. If we didn't do so he's on these. He's -- about himself and he's kept his cause blisters just hope he -- as the biggest surprise to me. -- -- -- englishman. Cool music on the -- for the rest of the people today you know the general public thing and new equipment but let's say -- -- fantastic to go public country. He's a poem was inspection line. Expect to still believes he can do this. This decision to retire and I can and hope that you chose him to carry on for a moment he's the home -- the quality you know with the quality teams. Continued to show what are you considering the road we'll see in contention for the forthcoming internationals against the public the Marlins -- He's been in contention we know that he was in contention for the most qualified -- Two to take ultimately. It's just let -- take control me and I think it's and it's. He loves those things cost now we should be concentrating and to suggest he's played. This concentrate on the future and is constantly on the young the younger players in the -- that young. The younger ones and I can't stand back -- looking -- -- time because we know that's an opportunity to. Can hold an insurance companies have to win. That's Edmonds sends an on the six and eliciting the displaced -- defender is behind the likes of World Cup winner Bobby -- who heads the list with 108. Appearances. Just -- -- for Thomas at the door for an England retired -- Jones Harry will let Hernandez played three bowl games that Terry Hughes scored three more goals. Much -- united defendant's one more tackles made appearances but the Chelsea captain has a high number of blocks and interceptions. In his 78 caps. We didn't arrogant he won Battier in that Capps has been paying tribute to his former international teammates. Obviously he's -- he's always got a few off games. They have this -- great glad he's he's siphoning incinerate -- I was. Was opened up for mobile you know once I'm -- -- that in and setting and Johnson even. Cornerstones eating England's top ten years and it is just turn and use it for me to get him but to think I isn't a solution well.

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