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QPR striker Loic Remy is arrested on suspicion of rape. Get the latest details only on FOX Soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Queens park Rangers forward Loney to Ravi has been arrested by British police on suspicion of right. It's 96 Otis being held in London has -- supplement he can nation at the -- -- -- the 34 wheels women owned -- the sixth. A spokesman metropolitan police at that Freeman of ages 2623. And twenty tape -- and -- in line to the allegations. The France's national until the time and exciting January from the French outfit mar saint eight million pounds. That's what it -- to -- to -- also on the eleventh however. The highly rated striker has scored six goals in his debut season in England's. Wasn't snapped then keep the aunt suffered a costly relegation to the championship. Ravi is on just 61 of the London club's top that is -- reported weekly salary of 181000 pounds. But the Frenchman is likely to leave this summer -- in the clubs demotion with the likes of hostile councils and and so it be interested in signing him. QTR released a statement on Wednesday saying they are away at the allegations surrounding their front man that's unable to comment while police investigations continue.

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