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Check out this week's Premier League Weekend Roundup.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back to seven at the Barclays Premier League title with just one game on Saturday night as Chelsea beat champions league qualification with victory Aston Villa hosts went team bombs on penalty minutes and it inevitably with that top -- -- again as -- event techniques. It's quite possible but that and Gary I know people think he had a Japanese game -- And celebration seem to end regulation in the nineteenth minute as the that a pop crowd that that well the -- give us that it had dropped. The Bulgarian has announced his retirement that he. Like began to lead yet. Moments before the -- Chelsea origins to Ted and minority both Ramirez was penalized for dangerous play. -- resulted in a second yellow and subsequently read the Brazilian. The numerical our team with restore -- -- off with a great stuff but also on the yellow card at tech. It's a similar offense looked at it in the Belgian being sent off. Chelsea capitalized almost immediately. Doing so far I'm -- might have been a club history as it's 202. Go at him level with the all time whose top score Bobby tumbling. -- with just ten minutes remaining and already broke the record books by making it 203. Goals -- Chelsea fellas. If you apply that she talked to eat and how that sends out a big moment for. I'm not a big win that Chelsea while top flight survival is not just short. -- Brown 37 continued on Sunday -- top them at the top. -- hopes alive with victory -- that have come from behind that there lit up to Charlie -- free kick was headed by Stephen themselves they. Let's what if if -- -- eleven of twenty minutes when it makes up in the off that back line let the -- thought it. And out and their -- to heavily involved in to make it one apiece. The contest while the that this is plate that I went just plummets off the -- already booking out of this time lobbed at him that's -- that resulted in a second yellow and subsequent wreck -- the build up. That's a problem might hog lot of time that -- America that -- to -- the victory. Have to fight will be a decent admitted what could prove to be the crucial went up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Edmonton sun belt -- home -- hanging by beating west time that the guy was overshadowed by the emotional farewell at all baseball stated boys. -- -- Evans is it -- some pop. We'll take up about it just a -- that Old Trafford next season. The night shortly found out that style -- up front that having him around as. The Belgian open -- was going off to just six minutes apply the finish to a slowly moved. And on the -- back -- second. I get a slight deflection. To go to the southeast has all but guarantees that the top six finish. Liverpool what -- -- women's club but it was the home side -- took the -- just falls behind Allah. What's -- -- what does cross was headed by in the top that a result. -- the reds were back on level ten straight minutes like that courtesy of a wonderful -- golf and got in the storage. -- had the call to his defense inside out of people firing shots into the -- the next. Storage completed its not around and how lights up when he got on the end of the equal team that was deflected shot just goal. A storage completed the -- hat trick at these professional correct when he latched on to -- -- policy to make. -- -- -- secured her merely survival by rushing west brom looked. They took the lead midway through the first half off the bench -- this April went and had. Well that's the problem have to hammer in the rebound. It was two -- -- 62 minutes but boss does I think present that brought home with the kids is go. At the school. I'm pundits like to the canaries and give it another go like are the only had at least -- okay next under pressure up the line and it. The best with site but lost however has Jordy Nelson held it up sensational at that. It's best of the season wrapping up and in front in Borneo trying to. You can also essential that top flight survival with victory already relegate to keep the job. The Rangers went in front of them at that -- -- -- judged without TV appointment in the box and quite ready distract them resulting penalty. Another spot pickle ball so you counsel faculty level sense it's just like what's it what it explicitly -- the -- from. And enable the Frenchman equalized from twelve yards. The decisive goal was the kind summed up QBL's measurable things that. But let's think what -- -- green combined to get your hands full well with a crucial went up I applaud your side. Though they didn't have the survive the final few minutes with just head and off -- -- -- -- and it receive the second not happening outside the box. Fortunately for the team box they have the outcome. Sunderland in Southampton drew one I think since they give up -- That's not how. Not needed victory to secure regulates a bottle and looked to be -- that way it went so far -- deflected strike a helmet deep inside us. -- -- -- -- But the -- aside as we'll still have work to do on the final day off the Southampton salvage equalize that. He spends sight seeing him hit an eight bolted on and off the floor Jason object that this White Sox scored the second attempt. -- -- -- -- -- -- Manchester United celebrate it that championship car and I should with a victory at this moment they. But the real story at Old Trafford with the bat well -- managers are unexpected that. Of the 26 for the related news the iconic but also announced his retirement during the -- making things its final OK -- charge. United looked to be complete control of the back to so. Out went -- it and that has opened the scoring -- back nine minutes. That's our celebrations were cut -- just moments in the second half went like that -- -- -- Ted -- -- I'll track but that said it's good sized holes -- who'll be following that -- sitting direct time that the sum up off the over 700 -- -- red Devils shafts. -- debate the clash was well like so many at that era. Without like goal. As relevant now that he's caught up with smash hit by real bad that it was it's rested -- -- kids and a great way about the great fans that -- just. All that was left was that that the -- that's a that's not just in nice position it's -- -- -- -- Brown bats seventh and what my -- on Tuesday night -- possible. They -- have Wigginton. I'm ticked down to just eleven minute video that to -- -- -- -- -- -- let's go -- with nothing but we've -- the -- state. But the FA cup win as well level on the stroke of half time we shall melody there's debris kicked into the bottom corner he hopes that's the bottom alive. Also have their uncles -- -- pulled over the top ball flights up for grabs. Maybe getting their stranglehold on it -- -- -- up late just Paul Allen because all -- -- that create depth. He woke up to that he's twenty plus they -- -- Five minutes like that it was very well to the -- -- this'll count for almost eight this economic and I have to that we can cultivate. And relegation off a season in the top flight was about what Aaron Ramsey rights fruits of my final school -- one. Leaving Arsenal in pole position the champions league qualification. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Already relegated -- lost that final home game Manchester City. The visiting fans showed their appreciation for us not Cosworth that have a TV that ball kicked off. It's tally of the half of it like it to challenge for the knights stadium. A sixty win team from some forty minutes following a wonderfully worked goal but he still by secular Guerrero. Things like this the big for the Royals placed in a way that the best way to an even though all of that you manager at night July against. Meanwhile we'll also be hoping that accident -- on the -- you've also had that might they. But he didn't cup finalist at least it -- free points in the closing stages of this well. Has that it's over right a ball through the hitting just got to make it to him. To his helmet type bullets off the -- seven games but the -- -- right now confirmed. That I joined reading a few yards in relegation. Well things that they and so did in the top half as -- went over and -- -- -- left to decide. That we'll see also talked about it out on the final day.

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