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We can't ask selection of the best goals from that -- 57 in the Barclays Premier League which shortened it out he's brilliant free -- the wicket -- -- Sadly for but I give that -- six feet could prevent them heavy defeat. Defense that resignation. Next up it's -- I'm not. This was the best of his breaks it tested -- if we saw him equal -- -- right direct quote to become Chelsea's it will find leading scorer. And it has not provided that chance which now brought this -- in Pacific league physical style. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He completely different if they've been -- Leon -- thank you -- Ireland but I behind Steve could -- up. Frerotte I struck the ball into the Boston Cornet. If you haven't been as -- need him at victory at west ham in -- Detroit's final good he's not getting home. Runner up this week if Daniels courage. This was being faster -- Patrick craven cottage. There -- connected on great with kids there it's people by visiting our youth and smashing into the -- from the net which he's weaker right both. A friend of -- side enjoyed themselves. And we'll -- -- number one this week we take -- house and the Norwich midfielder completed before they'll thrashing of what's wrong with this UT in the final minute that our road. Nelson picked up -- for many -- thank you John -- -- -- people creditable aspect Foster but just his second goal put him in various. Tony how's it is this aura about our hope that we.

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