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FOX Soccer News recaps Tuesday's Premier league clash as Wigan fights for survival against Arsenal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. I'm sure a few Wigan fans would admit that given the option they've run at the Arsenal on Tuesday and stay alive in the league than winning any cup. But the simple gimmicks to lose or draw and they'd done a -- -- -- for a few more things at least. Wigan Athletic FA cup champions still -- Really weird to me it's a huge game for all those we'll look. They can move into the all important fourth place with a win on the gun is just a real close saying congratulations with -- -- that and they can't win. On sat today. But I don't know it's going to be big gun is still won't go right run. Picks out sensing -- the all that that -- header goes just wide of the goal four minutes later with all the from the corner finds a completely I'm -- Lucas could -- -- you know whether zone or man -- in that is just dreadful they didn't give go to witness stand member. That's good for those he's tenth of the season when the gun is 25. -- Gomez picks -- an -- -- -- -- Shelley is a great defensive play that in my thoughts go. From a the thought going fools fall shielding but the re direction goes just wide. All of the -- early in the off may collect had a brings down so -- just outside the -- a dangerous position. But -- is going to be that meant Maloney becoming quite the man. From dead schools wore a beautiful strike that was incredible. -- he would not shown us this was tied up. 1140. By coach Knight what's that touch -- that would -- McManaman. But it shifted coming out big and make in the safe keeping it level it was in the as Aruba tomorrow tennis. Things this club's the school from that angle soon enough to -- -- one children's. We've got two chances Joseph well still some quotes Thomas resisting. Goes just wide of the post 63 minute more Arsenal before about looking dangerous look to space out wide right pulled it full. Since the forward. Field wall thoughts faults in the tenth place -- what -- go. Devastating for the Maddux is 21 moving on Vegas summer signings continue to get it done before. But as good as six sitting up adults -- his second goal of the wicked fans' cars walks and they -- like this one. -- -- -- It would mean I -- becomes the first thought in history to win the FA cup and will be relegated us in the same season for once this happens. Suck up an eight year run in the Premier League within officially relegated to the league championship -- huge win for possible vote. It's an impressive individual stats -- -- sending biffle is supposed -- four assists and a single Family Guy in this season. Until about spreading the wealth from the stability is the Faulk also led the school ten overall league goals this season. After the rest both managers both concluded about a month and is -- his -- dropped to the championship. But. To the pond supplies on Saturday is this nobilo is the most qualities he has to be -- -- -- and I expect of these these I know we were an additional position but I never. Not expected this to happen didn't -- that we've got to think hopeless. An incredible incredible Bundchen. They don't deserve this policy and the it was his and you are way more used punitive. And there are reasons for it and see them go out there and the other side these people -- thinking he needed to show what they're capable. To India because he's improved team and that's because. And this season so it's so they. You move on to congress to retreat in a different sort of program because he's -- according to no -- -- replace. So that they Iguodala is -- teaching now that you go into the fun -- It astounds you doesn't I don't was supposed to. It was always in Ohio and -- relations recently not always because. We really important -- so. Not to -- came on Sunday and then you want to prepare for a good of course what. QB QB toward doing because you're on a very strong -- If you could a number of greens you have so excellent score for us. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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