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Current Video:Arsenal v Wigan Premier League Highlights 05/14/13|

Check out all the action from Tuesday's battle at the Emirates Stadium between the Gunners and Latics.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Weekend's Premier League adventure is at the in the first team to me if they cannot be ready. We took good. This kind of performance. Whose Memphis but those big convention center includes all of -- Puerto. It sounds. To be for the lefties and weighed in at half time on level terms after school let them. People of good chances me. It was a well struck -- Three bills need a second off it's. As the visitors virginity at the backwoods school is one of the architects. -- To the pool -- pool table tennis and it's going to be great yeah. -- include creating running against -- -- just put those dedicated so cool hopefully this. -- on his. Second of the game. That's about teammates and -- straight to -- The defensive lapses. And it's personal -- once that game was the architect -- -- Arsenal. It's all that being tackled and getting to love up by the booklets. In school was pulled them -- of Ramsey. It's. -- -- -- in the books it's. Cool tended to be Cassel as the last game of the Premier League season. Accredited Odyssey which began in 2000. -- pull we could easily enough but disappointing night for -- that's about it as it is the full time -- -- We get blown.

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