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Current Video:Will Mancini be fired by Man City?|

Manchester City could possibly sack Roberto Mancini in the next few days after he failed to defend his team's Premier League title.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

HR over a -- of Mangini that's what is developing all the time he still. Yet to receive any public reassurance from -- city's board that he will not be shot let's get more on this let's go live to my colleague David -- in Central London. With a city scored -- staying ahead of the game -- tomorrow. -- could be getting into you you've you've been out. That base all -- in what is the latest from there. Well late to say is that -- -- him -- -- -- left the hotel a couple of hours ago he got inside attacks either of us about the people at it but not -- Whether they were people for the football club or whether that a family and friends a lot of them of course is still standing here. Off to the cup final defeat to Wigan on Saturday he's been a -- for a couple of hours we are expecting him back. Reasonably shortly there is a team meeting tonight -- to be held at 7 o'clock after which the -- we'll sit down today evening -- to take place. What's held at -- roundabout the seventh that's it over the -- all of that will be given -- afternoon off. Have to try to in this -- have been out since the -- -- at various -- involved with their families a lot of them -- now beginning to arrive back. This hotel but of course the future. How about the best of my genius he's a kid remains very much up in the -- absolutely no communication coming out at Manchester City. At this moment in time and of course speculation really does continue as to whether he will be in charge for tomorrow's statement read it. All of course the final game of the season Madera home so you know it's it's. Curious David is that what about this development well Allegheny that -- and he's widely reported. Or did he did you replace -- anything on him. Let's be very interesting most nights out on Friday night there was an absolute flood of money out for the Chilean -- both my kids I'm told that artistic right written about old. Around here at these price it's humbled. It was low as I'm just I'm just wolves. Ten of one point and this is what he's outside in the past at 24 hours after last night's game at that Malaga. I denied today that on the new manager of Manchester City. -- not signed an agreement that anyone. At media I'm linked with major clubs and it's an all left but I have an agreement with Malaga not to speak to one you won't. A night made no deal with anyone else so at the moment Jim. He would appear to be ruling himself -- and but the possibility of taking over at Manchester City side of the ball as they say. -- It thickens a bit David Eckstein is we'll tell you the night there were sixteen are making any statement on this 888 just really. Guess it's speculation going doesn't it that's why people are talking about this and -- -- into the minds they know. He is staying as a result about what this city and say on the subject. But it is an incident trading situation -- -- a difficult one Clara. Manchester city's communication department I mean I don't normally exceptionally helpful. To the media in this kind of scenario but I think Kevin's hands I'll actually tied at -- -- in time -- -- waiting. As our minds to CT fans let's see what emerges from Abu Dhabi USA unsold. He's based in the meantime Kansas City fans have been talking to my colleagues any guy's called up. And having the best site on the saga ever that's -- Mangini. As the announcing sustain it has won three trophies in three -- know that manages to not let. Gonna put us through this. We have on the league -- on the court. Chad is -- go wherever. It's not go there because you're both saw it. At a bugs all the -- -- videos and Jersey -- just. We should -- about Bard's words. Upping it up -- buster game -- go. Myself personally budgeting. Pretty ugly one jumping. And I went out Beckel and I know he won't friendship from. But it fell into -- just kinda don't think to a candidate that. Well that we all those -- the thoughts of Manchester City fans did of course -- opinion. Divided he's extremely popular that after ending those trying to -- seasons in just. A little assigned to this story a little earlier this afternoon office contacted by people who are extremely -- For that have Mangini is represented Jason let it be known and a half we didn't let it be known. That it prevents him on TV was released. From his contract or sacks from Manchester City that you already have had contact from clubs in Europe. We're ready to offer him an immediate attendance of bull bull south let's watch whites and say. There -- faced up David many thanks for that there -- trade with the city squad in Central London tonight.

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