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The Arsenal manager believes that the treatment to Roberto Mancini is unfair and that sacking him would be a mistake.


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-- bigger police that he would be wrong it's not mention it docile managers that stability is key to success. Because among you -- -- the club but. The impatience. It's been to drive for success and demand for the success he's so much time. So that indeed it is because these people who want to be rewarded creepy. And -- -- to explain why than the instabilities I have. Presume to values with the tough ones to curry food. And inside the cup it's important to have people who who were present his value is tremendous it can be. One of these people. When you as being moved forward in time you know but there. I don't know if you can happen or not but I'm sorry for you the manager who's just joke. Addressing their from Bangkok bush -- you can blame a lack of goals this season for the decline in form set your goal that was scored twelve but few are. Then last season ballot tally only go one. Before moving to AC Milan in January Sammy and outrebounded Silva. I'm also scored fewer goals only college tennis yet to rate of improved on that tally. -- things that they helped ninety city's main attacking players have also treated pure gold Ive bled over six feared assists. Still -- -- furor all the tennis again has improved this season with I'd more. It -- -- city scored 51 more goals last season when they won that -- till six look at this in the but it clean sheets this season seventeen. That it conceded two more. So I should mention his position beyond a threat at salt.

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