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Current Video:Recap: Manchester United gives Sir Alex Ferguson proper sendoff|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Manchester United grabs a late winning victory over Swansea in Sir Alex Ferguson last game at Old Trafford.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed -- didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Sunday was the day that every Manchester United fan knew would come but no one thought would come -- -- Alex Ferguson -- along the cuts on the Old Trafford. For the very last time as the united played host to Swansea in a match that really could not have been any less about the football. Sir Alex Ferguson. Given as you might have expected a guard of -- ahead of his 1490. Ninth game. In charge of Manchester United. Meanwhile that's Wayne Rooney playing with his Blackberry -- he uses the -- they're not even -- -- -- this from the executive box more on him a bit later. Fifth minute RB PCC injury itself but Hernandez fires it off the crossbar these -- Lincoln up. Half an hour later 35 minute. RB PNC Serena out of again Hernandez this time boots his volley over the bar. I Seymour though. Good efforts from the united thirty ninth minute. Free kick for the red Devils obviously he would sit up Ashley Williams right so you guess that seats or read on this Diamondbacks against accident it's one nil. For united packets for you up smiling thinking knows the cameras are on him all day and you know. 43 minute Mike Carrick feeds them Percy he fires it on net with your heart Trammell makes a diving stop. One million added up to 45 minutes although they dominated. Possession. Probably deserve more to show for four enough minutes Nathan diary cross infamy -- and look at that spectacular finish completely breaches their rounds. Phil Jones decided at one. Lovely eagle 53 minute -- shoot at it again -- on the strings when -- that's -- right he shoots it just inches wide of the post that rolls. Swansea look at for a shocker 62 minute Butler Hernandez some fancy footwork in the area that's why they pay so much for. But he couldn't beat -- tea. 87 minute. United at it again this time from a set piece. But that could see it goes today. Rio Ferdinand is scored what -- walks and that is very often we snapped a 187. Game goal scoring drought. Things around it's a great party this -- united went in the process to one but afterwards it wasn't about the trophy it was all about that -- lifting the trophy. Your -- league champions Manchester United. Throughout the -- that for the thirteenth time. And his career remarkable stuff you know they've now scored 1535. Goals. In 723. Games of the Old Trafford to release -- Alex Ferguson era. Rio -- winner a record twenty players have now scored for united in the from a league this season. Afterwards -- Alex Ferguson took to the -- to address the Old Trafford faithful one last time. -- Simon. Doesn't mean yeah. Normally the people. I've been able to do enjoy a fortune home. Other than suffer with them. But but you think it those last minute goals that -- bikes. Even the defeats. Little putt and it's good if you will probably I was. And -- and that ugly we just missed all of -- filled. Thank you put out. And also. I'd also like to the -- game. When bit by the things he. The clubs to remind me. All the stops did -- -- the players -- by me. He had still not as it's done by -- not Asia. Okay. The plan is. Probably simply doesn't have resumes as -- -- you. Feudal like your job. You know that gives you room. Usually means you have do and he. Until have a way you'll still. -- big occasion it's always. So I'm going home well on defense played phenomenal. And easily say thank you once again told the mother that isn't finally put up there. Got killed and. We're. Thank you didn't. Fergie steps down on an emotional high but there are still questions asked why he decided to retire and why. -- chances exit when he dead. Finally the 71 year old provided some clarity after his last home game. When suggested decides actually only doubt he's evil was said while I'm fit and healthy and enjoy himself. I'll carry on and it isn't but as a result of that trying to move out of the last Christmas. This moment that was my idea of what but the fact is that ninety decides -- up. Well basically. Think season -- consistent guy you know and she's -- isolated -- Nothing a little won't tell him before his seven years and she's been we did the -- play. But definitely sons and sacrifice for me measure your grandchildren they'll doorknob and nothing -- -- the -- -- Assistant -- -- so I think -- technology how important also. Yeah I would. Was really important this club together when I suppose it was aboard that I wanted the Israel into. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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