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Gus Johnson chats with former England and Newcastle striker Alan Shearer about playing at Wembley.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Leads to be joined by the all time leading scorer Barclays Premier League history through iconic English football he's also an FA ambassador the great Allen -- Allen for his book thank you very much for joining team. You're from here. Tell us how significant is it to have an opportunity to not only play at Wembley but also in the game of this magnitude. Well it was it was always my dream. To two to play here one day I was a kid. What channel finals in every year and them -- -- like the idea of like it's this I'd like to come in and play in and locally I achieve my dream. -- and with -- England captain England did which was was that some good at times. Put it's it's only a grade did and here -- races if you go win you you will not trophy. Certainly not great when you go in and as a first time he ever stepped on this pitch. What was going through your body. Excitement. -- issue not only and achieve in my -- in my dream. That a Sutton from the TV all those years ago thinking about. And and it's it's a great stadium and when it's full here it's one hell of an atmosphere on them. If you if you look in offices to some bullets and to win here -- it's it's a great great season.

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