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Current Video:Sunderland v Southampton Premier League Highlights 05/12/13|

Both teams are fighting for survival. Watch all the highlights from Sunday's contest at the Stadium of Light.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So that in than Southampton meant to -- stadium invites on Sunday with right sides knowing that victory would secure a Premier League hopeful for another year. As attentive kids down to that game we had to wait 28 minutes that those shots on goal. Came from the streets if Ricky Nam vet that goes for him in his last fight before today but -- -- -- hit the next. The last three games. Seventh and had my father veteran defense topic took -- and forty minutes to have a serious attempt to go to their own. Adam Johnson from close range. Do they chase meltdown waiting to test out to -- That -- home full. Has been pouring like that would just -- that a seven in the early in front of their own supporters but they took the lead midway through the second half. A moments of genuine quality and they -- which was nothing in it. Fill spots that picking the perfect time to school for the first time this season slight deflection off justly felt. Ponson credited -- ago. That point how to be caddy I was celebrating wildly. They celebrations reprieve to be premature that he lasted less than ten minutes. Grits yet what you need to make it double substitution. -- the team -- he pulled some combined pretty but I said. James ward rounds finding Jason budget. And -- second -- attendance. He put the full pass me -- today. 411. But south talented he with a -- likely to win that game Ricky -- it all -- state that three minutes from time the night by an accident safe from being united. But a point just about getting -- to keep this -- except for a second season barring a mathematical miracle. Sunderland I have to -- that wicked don't win it's hostile and she's that final school here 11.

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