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  1. Ted Johnson1:03
  2. Bill Russell1:49
  3. Bob Schwartz1:50
  4. the reds0:29
  5. hat trick1:52
  6. Chelsea1:23, 1:57

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Daniel Sturridge scored a hat trick in Sunday's clash at Craven Cottage.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- aside really from political unable to -- Evans and realistically. And we'll look at sites off Dustin that this defeat on Saturday. It was multi hillside into the late such agreed to purchase if not because of itself -- itself a couple of excellent -- once -- chicken little tougher to get political. Through it again against the reds. He had every reason to thank me that for the cross state -- just -- and -- -- predicted victory and that itself. Right tendency. Reflected back almost immediately and multiple thankful -- -- the great list of and then you'll start Millar he had a bit today and then Aaron Hughes and a lot of food drive to build off smoltz up. The political continental. -- that's -- stuff like to celebrate tonight. It's like Ted Johnson is that it was that the -- took the he went for the continuation of deflected the ball to stop it. The fans voted into the corner. His second goal beautiful second -- Finish beyond sports up. Is starting to make his ball is definitely that Chelsea. The school to its most of Chelsea's. The pulpit and out of that Beckett who read the news please that's pretty unique qualities you can also had sixteen win recently. And place in the second. He's an insult and tackle the place to Schwartzel will play. They'll pull I didn't hit it Roloson has not plant started again watching the old city that fatigue is basically able. See if people like Bill Russell Bob Schwartz not. His first hat trick these senior career. I think we've built on it since joining Chelsea -- could hit back at it but he's right at Celtic football blog that the -- very. The bullet still unable to catch up with that.

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