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Current Video:Tottenham confident Gareth Bale will resign|

Catch FOX Soccer News as Gareth Bale contract situation with Tottenham, has the club on the edge.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Actually. It's okay. Wednesdays through to drop the -- solidified a couple of realization for top so Manuel out of our have been scoring goals like that all season. -- Spurs will probably be a top fourteen right now that's -- confirm this person now unlikely to be one. Leaving plenty of questions but none more important this first fans and what does this all mean for Garrett spent -- Sullivan has the story. After failing to break into the top full folding -- space to -- away to Chelsea spokesman chomping at the prospects in the islands. -- perhaps they chunks of holding on to that point six. It's -- with the likes of replicate it -- of the -- Bayliss -- to Europe's top table next season. Just exposes -- -- devotional resist a fast -- option. Especially speculation growing -- that he FA -- feel commit that you deal at white Hart lane. For the season that it is Hendry deserves. Obviously group of not a bad. And -- the speculation coming out. Which -- very critical about tonight's council June a couple of weeks ago. But. You know who would be in if you would be excellent and I think reward forward is -- and he's. Spurs go to research and obviously last season despite finishing fourth in the regularly and could social for a second slowing. That he could hold it there will be key to dodging and once -- hat trick with attention already heading to the summit Charles have indict. We have to understand that if we don't make it through and we want to make it in the future so we always have to progress -- that in mind. I think good -- the budget to. Might be different because the money that makes it that it makes itself available from the the champions league is different. But the commitment from the club must be the same and then you know if you want to to reach that cap you have to run yesterday investors to create conditions to be in this election. Fifth place best effort to stake on Sunday as -- -- apartments that hopeful that -- -- -- -- was just placing ads that -- team. Beat in the race on channels each other to Aston Villa on Saturday while fourth -- also we never saw it wasn't that lines and they have to wicket on cheese state. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten Guillen.

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