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Celtic boss Neil Lennon is a favorite to take over at Everton.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I have ever since -- now have to find any manager Neil Lennon is one of the -- make his favorites but he's told us this'll just speculation. The Celtic minded does admit that he thought that vital. It's nice. Recognition mean Alberto Martin is as seriously they'll feel it's there could be somebody else tomorrow song. Also it is so speculation until Pierre and country chilled. Settlers who supports. Strong. -- Hopeful but I mean it's. And so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's just analysts improving on this response is this week it's flattering legacy and dealing with the those loans system this month. So for me to say I'm ready to move moms and families the -- until Beasley among his and you leave them. Welcome back to back table absolutely nuts for all the people who say. I think look at the experience of the Marlins in the community Nelson. -- -- nice is -- spend for the next Addison manage an effective team has an eleven of the joint favorites than eleventh at full. Of the -- -- -- -- human -- is now the second favorite to fall to one. With film awful at full teens at Forte is -- Vito had reverend Michael rounds -- -- -- that sixteen to one. How about the former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez sees it twenty to --

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