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Current Video:Moyes could not turn down Man United|

David Moyes could not turn down the chance of becoming Manchester United manager.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But we -- David -- first news conference since it was announced. That he's taken over as Manchester United manager in July martz has revealed. He responding to sign a new contract ever since we couldn't turn down the chance to manage -- ninth it. Let's go live to -- Meyers who's been speaking to -- this confident. -- good opportunity again my Brandi didn't want to talk about my situation I did. In the -- as I understand it did. -- -- -- because we were told before events in the Manchester United and talkative. His future job at Manchester United were both off limits today. -- there was a so that tense feeling in the room you know with a civil would jump they're all me -- and maybe upset the -- a manager but in the end them. Quite heavily someone asked about some Alex Ferguson's retirement. On this is what David bush had to say about. I didn't know Winston Justice injure people so -- -- will be sorely missed and nothing will be sorely missed from all the money just in triple because he. He. He he will -- beat till you're -- it was about quite what for Andy he was. Don't lose and a walk can't contend job. Hundred I know him she respected it's. A strange thing I don't think -- it's. But Steven -- outskirts of super human he's always been so good lineup and and hasn't disciplined by stopped competing against which was -- and often. Daunting an awful over the years so. The -- and everybody dehydration photo and do you put it anywhere it's -- he wouldn't do it justice because of of they put the Marlins and. So that was mares on this are always Allen and they're here how. -- has it been from -- to leave Everton that eleven years in charge. Do I think it's been extremely hard and I think his go to a couple of days -- as well on Sunday against -- Tommy Knight said his final home game of the season. And got away Chelsea the week after. I'm so. You know this week has been a typical week for a lot of a couple of days ago he went. When he had of course the news that much is united drafted him Sammy went to meet whichever bill -- right. On this is what he had to say about the emotional meeting. Could've been a difficult thing for me somewhat Yuma. Who took my finally come until the games in does -- gonna be hard for us up to support its ability to such a big club that says it's up. It's difficult it's been close to the Vanilla but McClintock was running -- But I thought that you appreciate the city that was moments sweeteners in -- -- some he got no nothing. Coming for him to. And this is such an important putt to me may -- them. But tough to be honest and almost trying be on us we have been my attitude and tough to single. So while we know his final home game is against west I'm not Sunday. What better reception do you think he can expect from the fans. I think it'll be okay Jim I think kid you know. Eleven years is a long time to be at any football -- these days and I think the fans have a a real operation for David most of what he's done at this club because the club and that I'm the manager himself but that joined. All those years ago a very different now to what so what they would then. I think they have a some found is they know they're full -- you know you know. The good guys from the bad guys and that -- they know it's a respected -- not to respect so I think on some day he'll expected. I think he's looking forward to it. Will -- -- -- we did that for the -- that in the door. Triple find you can never tell it to go and we too went on because a lot of -- yourself can you support you -- -- we need to. But what what it is it would -- stunned in the same position as two on and one telling me actually. Keep everything focused was in the right direction. The biggest thing -- just say really thank you for the support they've given me. This is not in its not normal -- the money just isn't regional final of the news. It's it's. Like slightly and it haven't been. So then I have to sign them if I did that -- and the support tools. And I'm Sheila would've hoped. I finally got talent for years and on this one that at the big topic of conversation tonight with -- bonds what about -- success -- -- out we -- with that. But it is a lot of names being mentioned. I'm mark David Mosley last about Neil Lennon he didn't want to go into names we've had daddy's favorite today Neil Lennon. But the I think go a long way from that I think the people like a bit of -- and has to play eight. Display we've had about love for saying he'd. Not interested in the job today so I think there's a long way to go on -- but. David Boies is willing to offer his advice on how spoken to have bill can write about us. Oh he'll pair them as much as -- switch on. If if he. -- -- from the advice which we -- husband who spoke about it. Because -- Christmas is ready to community Will Smith recommended me for the GO. And it it doesn't it is that I can do to help them and who can write to watch well what comes next hopefully we'll look -- it is. Whoever comes and is coming into. A really good and vitamin that you're he has a brilliant training period -- got a great set of players with with a terrific teacher to every one of behind the scenes -- a well run -- you know we we don't we don't give yourself. And too much trouble we we continually to trying to -- this is what told ability. So I think he'll produce is gonna command and how they go -- a real opportunity. Eight and emotional David bush today it really was on them. Of course I think what lies heavy only talked today is -- he will be leaving a lot of people here that that have come in and worked with him. -- we don't know yet what happens to those people. It's always it is uncertain time of the football club and a manager lead so that will look like heavy at the sale and David Moses thought tonight. But -- the football goes on we got -- on the sixteenth game going on behind me at the training ground and David Boies. Is still here.

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