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Current Video:Mourinho expects Moyes to do well at Old Trafford|

Jose Mourinho believes that David Moyes will have great success at Manchester United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was agreed there was a favorite to succeed sir Alex I don't drop a bit radio. Didn't express any disappointment we're giving his reaction to sky sports news until this round it's called the -- actually to tell about his decision to stand down. He's got the appointment of David always. I'd get another strong kid that he's banned for Chelsea I think at this season this is what he said he said I wish it's a happy life. I wish David a successful career I think David is a great choice I like him as a passes I like he's catcher as a manager. I believe Manchester United will support him. I think he has the qualities to do a good job. We're good friends of my good friends know which club I would like to manage when I finished my -- a Real Madrid.

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