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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob. So -- -- -- vital game it's no traffic this erratic at Vegas that he retires after 26 years and the Manchester United Al. Despite a -- guy music exports to the city. This got led the united that this team Premier League titles Jerry -- and yet. Managing I've been here a hundred plays and creates exited the greatest needs to -- -- -- okay. Vegas and sad that he feels is the right type -- injury time after securing the putts twenty title. David -- believe that it could take charge of the red devils' next season. But Sunday will feel about paying tribute to the right successful running to the Premier League has ever seen. Fittingly united will receive the Premier -- trophy. It's been a difficult week for the club. Wayne Brady has reported yesterday. United existed prior is not for sale but it's the second time -- appreciates that Reid has requested. What he ended a seven game win this run with that big -- that we get on Tuesday night. The result which means that I think the tradition that's half of the -- hope. The game comes to receive a top scorer being cheered good play miss out through injury. Plus any shelf bullpen could be -- dealt with the DW stake in the separate -- -- That -- traveled stats by this time. -- they said he kickoff takes place -- -- pretend you state your place that sixty reports that. The buffet secured a vital point in the northeast on Monday night -- treatments that. Austerity it is 9015 trouble I've got to go out of a lineup the majority today. -- -- -- -- Hopefully fewer points and had -- an unlikely set of results would -- renegades good bet -- has been out with a groin injury while Andy Wilkinson has been struggling with a back problem. Both could return on Sunday. And now they've had it's on the results of a disadvantage to finish with a full. They could only draw them must win game that Chelsea on Wednesday for the Celtics maximum points from that -- think it's just not -- either Chelsea or else you dropped points at. Games. Gareth bale was that he usually quiet at Stamford bridge on Rivers insisted he has fully recovered from an ankle injury sustained last night. Andre got his personal life -- obviously -- Bailey available after he missed the -- just the united visit selfish right seeking a way to get squeezed clock -- just helps to killed -- an elite status. Already predicated right just have little to -- -- but boss Harry Redknapp still wants his side to finish with a flourish. To a Billups to lost the last week and respecting the speed to separate tanks and as it stands up and down into. Does that set to be without -- to -- at this time he had size up but it could have Chris Everett native and a guy after he recovered from a knee injury and this time last year New Castle was still in the hunt before Christ but they currently sit just one place outside the relegation site. Well some apology was that frustration after the go to -- west ham last weekend. A white ball that's been a real problem for the Matt price they've picked up just eight points from that six games of the road. We'll so upset I said that its bid for survival continues today welcomes Southampton -- Thursday night. So under the checkered examinations -- -- today so I've got but I have to fight for more than an hour we've had bad but my god it's and so. Black cats both comedy act as as the game against the Saints will be active champions that -- -- sentiments that just three points but the drops that -- think the guys. Because there will be without these suspect we've got a little bit the remainder of the season. Photo exhibit because that are recalled after returning production injury. It will be I think we have to -- the -- -- -- -- trade to another black confronted go to get the closest friends yet just go forward his January arrival. Sometimes I don't quite sure it's -- yet read here what you know sides still have an outside chance of us would protect the championship. -- Tito described last weekend's defeat this offense is cold but it would of the stadium at night would guarantee that's exactly. Southampton have eventually if fully fit squad for that final seed excuse that they welcome back Frenchman will average nine -- Investigated spasms suffered the injury in training. Elsewhere are to busy Sunday of action habits and take on the west side you know I didn't make it voice vital -- game has talked about. It's for the best of the political right in cause age and I'm Norwich city have a best -- -- -- it's Westbrook out here.

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