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Current Video:Managers, players react to Moyes’ new United position|

Managers and players react to the news that the former Everton boss is to take over for Alex Ferguson as Manchester United boss for six years.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What about a lot of hitters -- so closely with sir Alex Ferguson over the years and I sat with them right here in the Manchester United dugout. -- -- -- -- So he sacked delay I think event shows that there is his opinion on this your story and he's Steve McConnell let's hear from him not. Near identical to work ethic everything. Competitiveness. Of silence. But he's got Ballinger took that attitude to build couldn't sustain that success leaving you no doubt that at some level telling us to jump. And the second seed in the east -- will have sir Alex has decided that. Anything can I don't know what they do. Protested the Boston friends and he will need to have yet to be open to the league. Because of the experience. For -- It's been about ten months must again be so in my book I think it brings a bit of sanity. Back to the game. And what isn't exactly disavow its not about -- successes -- about. Or just sustain this for the next one to -- conscious tonight -- for the next for the next 26. Plus you might expect some of the biggest names in the game not being carrying out this afternoon to speak to sky sports news on this -- story. Let's hear from a Chelsea interim manager Rafa Benitez on the -- appointment. I think he's looked. It's easy to find someone like. Focus on -- excuse -- and it would just -- there in the Premier League choice and he knows the players in those. The club which means these. The committee -- offensive. Would be it would employment but just the time would say. So that's not the new -- of -- getting that reaction from. People in the game to this year story that David Wise. Is to become the new manager of Manchester United on a six year deal what will it be a light from -- joining this huge -- One on her earlier this season went to majors club out monolith. At that club was Aston Villa he's Paul Lambert let's hear from Paul on right now. -- -- folks' minds think for anybody can. -- or. Or enjoy it and didn't keep it the continues it is. Input should do who do but the thing -- didn't I don't think anybody -- important thing you know if I don't think. He's not the movie and he's been he's been not too seriously give him. And he does get it. Or and then but beat. Thank you who is on the new pro. Well here's -- -- record compares with sir Alex on the day he moved to Old Trafford. -- -- six years Zach. And again it is only league title so five game in the third tier of English football with Preston. Ferguson had already won four titles -- of them with Aberdeen in the Scottish premier division. It also won five domestic cup century European tour over his -- as one -- the and is also -- more inexperienced. In Europe. So this New -- -- average things around at Manchester tonight of course also reverberating around the blue -- all of this football crazy city what do Manchester City fans think what the Manchester City. Players think about David Weis taking over and sir Alex Ferguson stepping down let's hear from the guy got -- and -- and company. To -- -- -- big difference it's -- it feels. Good guys bring my journal. I hope I hope. We continue to sinful we knew it was something under the Bruins don't feel for this field. And a full full full full full from imaginable -- ward and -- such as important guys and I think for us to -- -- they can beat you I think it's going to be very important because when. Who have not done present is this news and looking -- -- -- team we we've we've got to -- any definitive. Really different because he's not they might start to this. -- that you know I don't know we need to to make sure that that would Benson next season through this season and and that that is irrelevant what we have groups of children if you want that title back. And then hang onto it psychological process when the announcement that. I can't see the ambitions for any attention because it's changed some legitimacy. I guess you know. Maybe go to something more to -- so. We see them but we expect through the -- in the position because it's. You know serious security and -- you know you can leaving room for closing minutes and and as -- team. All the things look different. I'm Melissa Manchester City. In the last four Premier League seasons ever to have won six out of eight matches losing one and -- the other conceding just. --

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