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Fans react to David Moyes leaving Everton to be the new Manchester United manager


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's hear. The fans here right now. Brilliant for us in that Cubs in the LSU I think it might you know right next season. Hopefully I'll make you keep that aside and said. Think this drops. We've got to again that I'm -- -- I think dot he's the most stable choice simple hammering every streets and volleys to close. Acting is trying to build do you much the united firmly and I think that it's Alex Ferguson's showing something. Thank you guys. There are certain things away from you guys -- and I think he's that. Intimate friendship -- about the idea of the experience that you worry about things you can we get enough for him and trying and that is something -- gone on. Great signing closes I adjusted my agent pretty it was no morning. I can do really well that's the political suicide so --

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