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Harry Redknapp speaks to Sky Sports on David Moyes new position as Manchester United's new manager.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Packers firing there's not a -- -- not joins us live now on sky sports news how to get a new engineer David noise on a six year deal here at the united what's your reaction to that. He had a fantastic opportunity today we didn't -- he's worked out the last ten years ever since. He's a great -- sort of idea is a great appointment you know typical typical random photos you guys to support -- so I think trophies. He's been such a great I get good. It's good to see it today you know like David he's -- he's -- may have managed in the -- division as well. To get an opportunity -- you supplement you know it is fantastic for him. How important will it be how neighbor David -- to work very closely in the short time with sir Alex. Well I have I think you will bring about -- exciting to get his team you know being sold. Interferes in any shape hopefully you already you know he understands big guys inside that he knows. Do -- gave -- wasn't sold to but he won't say any any doubt any idea look at these token at least. All great out of him -- his arm and helped sure you get on the residual value let you know IBO light. I'm sure Mike is great successively. He's got a great -- -- -- illegal so they don't think you ever since way you know he's one of the might just subsidies -- been a great club for many many years. But -- you know I think he's probably one of the biggest subtitle a little bit. So he's a great opportunity for -- -- -- couldn't couldn't think of any right to just deal which enabled him.

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