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Current Video:Soccer's biggest names react to Alex Ferguson's retirement|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at the soccer world's reaction to Alex Ferguson's retirement news.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Well reaction to the news has been pouring in from for his former players colleagues and other people in the game who were impacted in their careers -- the legendary manager. It's momentous day. For the manager of for the club and all the fans of the global world and it tinge of sadness and great great manager and the like which will never be repeated in my opinion. You know is is stepping down but after a very successful. Season and very successful attorney suggest. He will continue to be. The legend he is who continues to be legacies with with that company. Well every case manager or regional manager. That -- change the impact he has with players and and fans. That's the united don't think there's anyone around info pool that has that impacts. And -- 15100 games in charge of interest in me is just quick -- -- amount -- trophies he's wouldn't. And never be achieved by anybody else that that he's quite unique one off. I did simply proves that east. He's the -- of the -- sensationalism you know what he's one. In the last ten minutes we were still in the end it kind of easy to manage your club of that magnitude but he's he's done it remarkably well. And and of course has run ins with. -- everybody -- So you know I like it there to compete against him head Somalia but the thing as a person and wish him. Health and hopefully he can doing. His retirement you can throughout the rest of this time an injured -- put in a different with the Premier League loses when it's the most charismatic who manages then you know them. I'll reference symptoms fluent in coach's move a reference in terms of doing what is being successful manager. And and -- to -- that human being nothing. -- so why they will see anybody in the lives of Alex Ferguson. I was football manager Boston so -- never again I think to take on the month away so much -- -- left off. And I should probably achieve even more than not -- just just that stunning achievement for him and everybody at Manchester United on the closest from -- I mean just a phenomenal achievement in this side -- crowds -- -- on the on the rim and not. He's gonna leave a massive loss of Poland until. -- and our ups and downs we've. Most of of the prior especially not knowing that you want to face season. But as far as just tireless efforts mean the man was -- and that he got the -- that -- as a parent to show. Anybody who's been in his company or something like I I'm from you the pleasure of working for him. You just strip by the passion I have some on the drive from and the real desire. To to win football -- -- -- trophies and not. I was -- -- our students at some things in his make it fun to you -- your sense that. We'll -- Glazer Manchester United co owner said this in a statement Alex has proven time and time again. What a fantastic manager he is but he's also a wonderful person his determination to succeed and dedication to the club. I've been truly remarkable I will always cherish the wonderful memories he's given us. Like that magical night in Moscow in the 2008 champions league final win. In a statement England boss Roy Hodgson said the unexpected news this morning that's -- Alex Ferguson has decided to retire marks the end of an error in football management. No one will be able to match his achievements his dedication his support for calling you need and his team building know how this is sad day for English football I personally wish him happy and successful retirement. So with the new move of sir Alex Ferguson retiring Twitter blowing up here's a look at some of the tweets -- missed the lawyers who spent five seasons that Old Trafford posted. 20012006219. Games. 1050 goals under the most successful manager in football history. It was a unique privilege. While Richards go to more the chief executive of the primarily we did whatever the future holds one thing is for certain. The BP L will not be the same without him. Manchester City is Vincent company posted sir Alex one of the best managers of all time. After 26 years of success in the game we all owe him attribute. Michael Owen who recently retired from playing professionally -- it. It's just not sinking in Manchester United -- no sir Alex just doesn't feel right what a man and great that it is ended on his terms. And Chelsea FC were quick to take to Twitter by posting. Always CFC it would like to wish her Alex Ferguson the very best in his retirement he has been a fantastic adversary. Over 26 years. Nuggets down tweet really. -- source bogey done over the past 26 and half you as was mentioned as 138 trophies he's managed a total of 1498. Games. Winning 800 Monty for those kinds. Cannot -- or not you won the UEFA manager of the year award courses club won the triple -- yet. Has been made criminally manager of the season I'll give us ten occasions. Was Fox News every nights at 10 PM.

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