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Current Video:Recap: Chelsea v Tottenham|

FOX Soccer News recaps all of the action from Wednesday's Premier League clash between Chelsea and Tottenham.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. As Stamford Bridge Wednesday Chelsea and Spurs have -- with champs league football at stake Chelsea Arsenal and Spurs. Alfonso the two boats and simply Hogan was on the outside looking in both reports would've -- LeapFrog offs go and go even the Chelsea. In that hopeful. It's a big pressure now lost on Spurs -- Stanford bridge a 23 years ago when Garrett when I was six months old -- it's going on that occasion. Onset and -- Chelsea's going again I can't heads on to our stuff at the far post off Scott. Always playing good football in this campaign given the on side and one and only. 25 more from the booze it and has. Looking for the fault -- Marco Dawson -- it out with his vice. He meant to do that and he has no idea where it is OK guys these tough. But the -- sued office berth in the -- to check out Matt and Adam -- you'll oh boy. That is vintage stuff and the man has been invisible most this season. Great go an important goal is 11 but he might lose second Fernando Torres thought Ramirez. Deal toe poke at home all seen those glorious. Now the -- of the Chelsea back in front and one of the 45 minutes just tossing out one -- What Ramirez -- slips. Takes a thoughtful steppingstone for a walk because let's face it it's egos bruised badly. I'm sure that's -- was he would be okay eightieth out of a -- backfield but you'll be safe guess. What an assist what a go bucks was at appeal so -- Possibly but the goal stands massive go this Booth would buy it at citizens focused on fail. Breaking and brought down Boyd grant this last event eventually gets drugs. For the south Central Bank is that they just free kick in different sales office -- bay net bay rights. In defeated six bombs this one ends and it's too old rule. All fine but Ramirez's family -- his camp might have come to Stanford bridge and what about this book is let's go to plus goals -- five plus consecutive from -- legal weight gains. And the second time in beat -- history. I'll do is -- manager spoke about the impact of the results. We have to win. When getting to continued to flow and we'll talk between both two in the totally due to the point was a fair reflection of the times not. To serve maybe has that would cut the chances I think it was humility to your chances in front of the capable -- -- the content type you have to to something more. And what are the chances to score these.

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