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Current Video:Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson announces retirement|

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed he is stepping down after nearly 27 years at Old Trafford.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The massive news today the unexpected retirement sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the season. Yeah iconic figure arguably the greatest and most impact full manager this sport has ever witnessed. Now has just two matches left -- in his final home game this Sunday. It's live on fox soccer extended post game ceremony coverage will be carried live here. Here now though the sir Alex statement. Announcing he is stepping down was released earlier today called the decision to retire is one that I've got a great deal about why do. Have not taken lightly it gives the right time it was important for me to leave an organization the strongest possible shape. And I believe I have done so. Trophy case in Manchester loaded courtesy of the sir Alex -- everything he has done everything he's accomplished and can't fit it all on one of the passport by by any stretch back to -- documentary. But what really fully taking what he's going to the club. But for the sport really the league as well you're -- the rare opportunity to have a face to face with him recently. You walked away from that meeting thinking what about the man book Inca and Obama. It was debate plan against him why Korea about play against these things than being involved random in the media. It's going to be huge Sox be in them around him was so -- that trust what he Chelsea's last. The way trust his stuff nothing. So what is his biggest strength is why he's evolved as a country and we look at the first took over Manchester United. The Giants face the Bryan Robson Steve Bruce the way then he comes into that stuff study plaza the mechanism and out of the way handle that type of -- and now the younger players the well base and then this from different countries different personalities and of that but the way it's evolved as a country style of football. We all get amiss in the media will miss him because he gives you so much money for the sports. But act as global brand of Manchester United nothing from that point of view someone's going to be missed it was -- -- that we we knew would come. But this is sad that even the biggest fans of the biggest rather will miss athletics focus and because he gives so much for the guy and has such an impact in the guy that you maritime just few minutes ago it has this. Feel of almost an obituary yes you know -- he has not passed on thankfully he's just moving on. From the game but moving on upstairs still going to be involved with the club I think Iraq when he said that his foot. These -- about this decision and respect his decision I think we as people I -- -- offense have to respect that's as well because. -- -- -- to be with his family he can before he will be around there's not -- how he will be in the -- And I didn't look for Sheffield such the next on the takes a look at some big shoes to fill a lot of speculation David -- on the list right now is maybe he's the guy to go to. We'll have more on that as our coverage continues throughout the day as you can imagine reactions -- pouring in from all over the globe here now two very famous faces who once led. By sir Alex. A sudden I'm puts it to the club because -- today that know what she got to try to go to to cope. As a player to -- should nothing come grateful and feel privileged to have worked with the great knowledge of all time. I -- from here from outside of things we think -- -- a little less interest you because we lost. But incredible carrots -- somebody you always. Played magnificent football us the first thing we should remember that every single gave the -- she got to play duties is it is a good game to watch a sightseeing. Something is just the loss all round -- shot. Without talking about the success he's had he -- the impact that he has with -- the team in the impact they had fliers and and fans. The -- you know I don't think there's anyone around info -- has had that impact. It. I think -- David doesn't think anyone have the will to have that sort of personalities we have to deal with a club of that stature. When that club was on the floor and a bit of -- laughing stopped when he first took over. Tonight and the global brand and then have that affinity with the fans the media even the taillight. That they would never ever be -- as successful was a college as a person on -- yes he's had his problems with the FI yes we've referees and -- time. But that's part of -- and that's part of history. We have being involved in a great moment of history. And you know I was very privileged to play against him -- -- -- not him he's been on the and stuff it was things about it's why he's an iconic figure that thanks to plays on you and is undoubtedly you know you it it feels like we did get punched in. This -- yes it would your Manchester United fan or not. There's a sense of game ruined my life and not -- -- -- -- -- -- when they went to move on and I still respected us coming up much respect for the man.

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