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Paul Ince, Bryan Robson and Dwight Yorke discuss Sir Alex Ferguson's legacy.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nevin -- -- a moment that this was really gonna happen. But day there was a strong rumors flying around yesterday in particular. But it was going to be a big news breaking but we didn't expect -- to be expected. Something as media declared coming in but not great so the Dolphins retired which is a bit of a shock to everyone that it's. Because a -- just -- -- -- -- -- isn't bad but at least they took the abilities he just works 24 hours a day. To play on this such dramatic Sunday Monday. -- status was sort of hard. Yeah we had -- some downs I think I'm we have our ups and downs through most of of the prior especially net no attention -- for a season. That's pharmacist tireless efforts I mean the man was -- and that is that the -- that is as a threat to show. And you performance wasn't quite expected to the level he certainly come though really hot and Iran. That's the sort of thing is not just about football it's about your personal life as well as this is that you know you expect a certain standard of yourself when you dropped below that. Then you know -- did you doesn't accept that so. In -- was that you have to constantly be at your best. He's maintained his remarkable up taking us. To -- compete to win. And the biggest thing when you go -- you beat him was you have to achieve. And I think that's why all of us how confident -- because -- winning mentality hasn't when you look back -- and you Korea when you're finished. You know you would trophies details of -- Jacobs. European cups and all the rest of it and that's what you get. On the but the first by guys -- -- -- -- more from a medical. And Buffalo presumably -- you know I was. Was gonna connections. In other -- -- -- was -- that was -- on and then. -- and -- never forget that moment. It possibly the very very hard decision and it will finally hits and because 1 morning he will get up and not been able to go to work because. That's what retirement tends to do so is so unsure of what he would be able to cope -- it he's got extremely. Important operation coming up so he's got back to overcome as well. But I'm sure deep down inside he would miss that then he would be missed the -- not just that might just the united Tom. Training ground ended the stadiums around a trend to be put it throughout the world because he's been such iconic figure. In world football.