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Current Video:Manchester United fans 'gutted', Everton fans 'tense'|

Heat what Manchester United and Everton fans have to say about Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement as well as David Moyes' future.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Baltimore reaction to it it's a huge story today we crossed too Old Trafford. How good -- some pot we'll speak to Alabi is it just -- -- -- -- that phrase it tainted is it all traffic forest phrase. Now -- -- is starting to sink in how the fans that reflecting on the news that Sonics will be leaving. It's still a mixture of shock and surprise nobody saw this coming as far as Manchester United fans were concerned in this morning. When the announcement was made at 9:15. Am. We saw quite a few fans say you couldn't quite believe. What they wearing we had those comments from sir Alex in the program notes on the last weekend when he was saying who's looking forward to working. With the next generation of Manchester United -- and then all of a sudden. That world -- being completely -- upside down and as you might expect. That pretty devastated. Pretty -- put. -- I was Coble didn't take them somewhere Korea will be today it's just a -- to have everybody -- very way it goes up. I hope so I'm devastated to come early very early on he's got more naval. Yeah it's quite shocking surprise hooded. And -- really think it really is but isn't beige is nice and relaxed and I think this incessant over this. So Manchester United fans -- devastated but also looking to defeat just to find out who will be the next manager. All of a Manchester United now sky sources are telling is that David Boies is very much the front runner in pole position. Let's cross live to -- to some talk -- my sky sports colleague -- minus. Crazy talk about shock and surprise it's a very different story here at Davidson it's no surprise. I'm a lot of attention because they -- some funds and -- -- everybody around the club as well not just the funds everybody around it would wondering what he's going all the weather brought them Elijah David Boies is going to be them -- next season. Or even. You know in the next day a couple of weeks I'm. What topic today is the -- -- David bush came in he took training as normal. And getting a little bit different is he came in with his agents of broke that. Kenny -- -- again nothing really unusual about that except the you know the timing may be because -- always does tend to come -- training ground -- time to time. -- -- Until training as normal. Got a shot went out afterwards and I got in the car and drove off and I understand now he's on he's on he's way down to -- London to go and see the Chelsea game the playing taught him to -- -- -- play Chelsea in the last game of the season and a couple of weeks' time. And my understanding is he's just don't toward second now of course bill can write the Evans and jam and also. Lives in London is businesses and on them really have a meeting with bill can -- I don't know that at this point in time but so again we wouldn't rule that out at this point. As a say that a little bit attention around me because -- -- -- -- don't want to lose David -- what we've had this for a number of months now what David Moises not. Agreed to a new contract he said that even waiting till the end of the season. Before he made a decision on whether colonel he would sign a new contract he want to see certain things in place he wanted to see how the club. Developed I think and where they finished in the league. I'm -- was is up to. -- there as late as last week to a we have that David -- he still wouldn't talk about. His time I'm on whether he would continued to be able to manager. And you look at the situation several why why would he come out now he wasn't going to be Manchester United why -- they come out and say that's because there would be no reason for him not to. Unless there is something in it and there's a lot of talk a messy side that says David -- could well be the next. Much is too much money to manager -- speaking to some of the funds Syria doesn't say a little bit tense. Considering what David -- don't hear the decision. To be -- useful to -- them be pleased with the employees billions and it's all about tomorrow yes yes there's a real blessing. Because of a good wishes she'd say the ability state sort of you know we'll see his book when somebody. Doesn't know the -- assaulted or -- to go to -- over the storms you know. I think he's taken aforementioned series. As a team is -- fifth funds and like the old sons might like for the stability -- -- -- -- people when it arises is did you looked at home field. Mortgages don't they always do that a good she'll definitely -- he's quite what did -- the Eagles Eagles will mean. Most people give me a lesson. Maybe get us left to go -- you'll blessing after the eleventh is yeah yeah. People who think they shouldn't speak. Well they have tons of being sad isn't it inevitable evil. For this year. This silence. His availability for them and unfortunately that's the wrong way to think about four -- do you think about this movie that. No it's it's suddenly goes back but the thing anyway it's the professionalism that I'll. Those -- told dad bull but he did it exists it's Big -- you know it's big job and it. As long as said they finish sixth that we finished fifth tournament what little little too little too ACC is a great --

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