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Current Video:Robins: My goal had no impact on Ferguson's future|

Former Manchester United player Mark Robins explains how his game-winning goal in the 1990 FA Cup third round had no impact on Sir Alex Ferguson staying or leaving.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tries over time I was the most successful manager in English football history he's -- -- to thirteen committee tackles and two champions league titles. He also on the FA cup five times in the league cup four times he's one club -- cup wants on the UEFA super cup. He won the European Cup when this couple -- in 1990 -- at the Intercontinental cup in 1999. And the community shield. Ten times some critics say that none of these -- would have been possible and hoping for -- Robbins win -- against northern forest in the third round of the FA cup in 1990. -- that disagrees. You know in terms of the goal I was picks do the job and a school ago. And that won the game -- as far as saving anybody jumps concern I don't think that that was the case so I'm done. You don't think he would -- certainly disrespectful to talk about anybody lose in the jumping in the enough circumstance but didn't happen. It's all speculation and regionalism has been blown around and you know Final Fantasy ace. You know I -- have been the case you've never seen me -- -- -- The managers do and achieve what he has done so nothing that was all speculation and time and these people spent.

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