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Former Manchester United chairman Martin Edwards sheds light on Sir Alex Ferguson's early days at Manchester United.


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When I just united -- -- -- that was appointed Sonics as manager. He recalls how he managed to turn the fortunes around the club. Pressure was mounting him and we pointed out -- in November rate to six. And I think you -- in 1990. You know we we hadn't won anything and we both lot of plans and we would towards the bottom of the media. Which was -- first division in those days. And as supporters were sort of -- guys who have felt that it wasn't gonna happen. But we knew how hard it was working particularly well level used level. And that how -- refuting young players. Working hard with Brian and dedicated and you don't have the time we just felt that given time it would come right. Of course it was whether it was the supporters would allow us that time. And it was getting a little bit difficult because there was a lot of treating I'm defeating to a sonic at the time I went in the cup obviously changed everything. If we hadn't won the cup idea and we got into the following season and things hadn't turnaround. It would be very difficult to stick -- because that his supporters would be dedicates and the pressure would have made on the board to do something. We just wanted to give ourselves as much time as possible to give the chance to succeed and fortunately. This success in 1990. Revived everything saved -- and I don't think you'd ever see. Anybody measurements united to 27 years ago and about probably goes for any stadium club. You know that the longevity that 27 years at the Helm. Israeli quite quite outstanding.

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