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England manager Roy Hodgson and FA chariman David Bernstein comment on Sir Alex Ferguson's contributions to the English game.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

England manager Roy Hodgson has described Dixon is a sad day for English couple Hudson said the unexpected news this morning the Sonics -- has decided to retire marks the end of an era in football management. No one will be able to match his achievements his dedication. To support for colleagues in needs. And his team building know how this is a sad day for English football. My past and wish him happy and successful retirement less attended -- -- has described his contribution to English couple. Is incredible. That lessons we can see it coming you seem to be Kate and getting on to have -- And -- at the same -- but it -- media at historic day. Possible I think and to see this career come to an end I'm -- money comes in Omaha and we've with the with the united as the time because politically -- Because the man has been a winner. All his life his -- something unique and much to say to them and make great tribute to him Monday anyway you'll get so. It ended -- May be a major figure out of the greatest figures in the English football team that is so. How would you assess his contribution to English. He's been pulled on one -- -- you can even for the present and try to team defense if they could. In -- -- is a good -- need to pay it's and that seems say -- tradition in many ways. Previously pool against quite incredible.

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