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Current Video:Scudamore, Platini on Ferguson's impact on soccer|

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore and UEFA president Michel Platini react to Sir Alex Ferguson announcing his retirement.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Being tired and out of the holy coming of my exercises -- passed -- -- better club. He's been the towels and if you ask anybody around the world -- they make Carrick that's been involved in the community you know 21 days. And I'll say so -- things that will be the first thing people we've handled it will be. This is a household name for that reason is going to be going between when you see when. Fifteen votes when he won titles so his market -- work yet so it looks as for Portland to a huge energy. When you combine those two things that thing. Has manifested itself in -- focus and determination. And relentless pursuit of excellence and -- From -- -- over those views he's been -- to be able to involve them to move him to move. Think indicate they moved the teams on music games on to cope with all the things that come along the modern sports on the modern sports psychologist for more than. -- football and and and all the things that difficulties and challenges that come with that he's managed to roll along and you -- moving keep having keep coming back. And it's and it's and it's an a hole of the qualities that -- mixing together. UEFA president Michel Catania phils -- -- Sonics today he said Sonics has made a massive contribution to football Lawson in Scotland and England. Across Europe and beyond. His dedication his attention to detail is unique eye for talent is that the manager of Manchester United and Aberdeen. As for rich rewards of a sexy you -- is his CV is -- -- unique in a results based profession that. Normally fact that some short -- solutions. Robin long term vision. -- -- will -- as the league managers association champ and he's paid tribute to Sonics this -- what he -- I today's news draws to a close the crater -- and a manager the likes of which we will never see again. He's frighteningly competitive nature has never know Abbott will be equalled. He's the epitome of the man's trip so volleys win succeed -- presence on the bench will be sorely missed in no way begins to describe the massive hole he will leave behind. He always said he was too old to retire as -- -- manages to enjoy the time to assess.

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