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Ex-Manchester United midfielder David Beckham discusses what Sir Alex Ferguson means to the club,


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll just what does that man mean to not stealing it you think. This is exactly what this amount possibly named to mention not to you know that's who. Amazing the great figures to have done so much for the club you know and when I first tournament she not to run first set into Old Trafford you know and I won't say it sir Alex Nixon's office. And could smell some -- he's caught up. Through the -- Dawson in the office. You know that kind of smell reminds me of some up possibly. I was very lucky to sent to -- in. Before you'll see passed away and sir Alex thanks and he's he's he's. He's that kind of figure he's that important to mention oxygen you continue to be. The legend he is you continue to be legacies with with that company where every case manager or regional manager. That -- change. He's influenced. We just live on he's news news is what he's put in place in the club I presume isn't. Without doubt he knows -- down. You know without the without talking about the success he's had he knows the impact that he has with -- the team in the impact they had with players and and fans. That's the united I don't think there's anyone around info -- that has that impacts. And it. Was products -- freestyle a mark of 1500. Games as manager conscious not to by the time he retires at the end of the season. He's won nearly 900 games during his 26 hits battled traffic -- strolled 367. I've lost 267. It's a win ratio of 60%.

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