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Current Video:Benitez hints at next Chelsea manager|

Hear what Chelsea interim manager has to say about who will be sitting in his seat next season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The walk to face the media as Chelsea manager of a walk Rafa Benitez won't have to do you for too much longer he's confirmed to categorically. He won't be at some for bridge next season. And that's hinted he knows who will. You know of the next year would be another minor he has been. Definitely we will not be -- the president -- knows who you. Do you think it's more than likely that has been renewed intensity and offensive. I think you have to concentrate on my toes not my concern now that World Cup next year. But he certainly will be here next season -- Reports claim the noise infamous WB's smile was teach him overhearing a month since the united comical -- -- to -- Parents -- from the Simpsons while Luis was amused Benitez is not. But releases they're one of the best players in the Premier League by my kids' minds that we don't -- -- is so he's one of -- who don't don't. I think that talking about not we -- not to gonna vote should see between united mean. Much with the united in three games that we -- was both in and because the fund will believe in him I don't like dissertation but. It is no other one of the best split in the commitment. -- have and upholding the record at Stamford Bridge they haven't won there. Since 1990. So those -- good enough for me this throughout closer to the end but then hopefully we can. -- -- keep winning and everybody would be up. Everybody would be hopping with the wind that would virtually guarantee a champion's league football at Chelsea for -- says his successor. Whoever. Thought maybe it.

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