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-- -- in this -- site of the week is Alex but Bobby. They're ready and -- they showed quick reactions that you know I put it in stride release from close range. As the Royals picked up a -- victory. But -- Joseph well. He's established himself as Reagan's best choice in recent weeks. I'm demonstrated why risk that's about -- -- has put faith Indians backed it. We fist fight safe from west -- Graham tolerance. At three -- you've got to erase. The Spurs stopper has had an accident this season in English hopeful. He was called into action during these -- -- out -- that. What if he's pitching with the best -- extra free home. Runner up this week his -- that it. The have a good day to forget against Liverpool last week that it had to think she's at west ham. These moments of the match David the second half when he denied having noted twice in quick succession. And it continues to -- that he injected gold and I have a hard time winning this place back. But the board this week is what you suggested. Drop by -- thank you very much injuries throughout this event the poll has found himself back in the -- to go in recent weeks. It was excellent Q you are on Saturday. They say remotely ready to highlights of his performance. Would you suggest he gets out of site -- site this week.

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