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Check out all of the action from this weekend's Premier League fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Browns back to six of the spotlight perennially sold already relegated to get ready get the Specter of a six goal from our club. Yoga tape from the penalty spot off the -- Robinson Tony was fouled by jump on every -- The offense looked to be on the edge of the box but a penalty with the outcome of collapsing on who picked himself up to this -- the spot -- This thing that's added a second goal just lost power at this time Wilson -- it was given time and spice to come a shot into the corner. And a host what. In the contest moments like that when you were growing sport obviously you go -- I got it possibly can reduce the deficit. That was the first goal but haven't explored. I tip off balance. But that was soon concede anything -- blood -- -- itself out of a bunker about event for the thirteenth time they've spent. It wasn't finished however I think it's the plate as I should they actually crossed the Bruins about this. The day. But reading wouldn't be denied their best victory evidently games they added a whole goal seven minutes from time -- -- -- -- -- it. I'm not just acting as a bus when he -- the Royals. Ultimate finish yeah. Fortunately -- now. -- I asked him that I took a step closer to survival well -- it all right back into the relegation mix. Definitely I'm vulnerable -- that there's only ten minutes into the second half with a stunning so strike. But going through level from the penalty spot to opted joke about it now what what style golf. People brought all the off his 400 career parents with a goal. It would be enough to a share of the spoils I was out on -- -- would score again in the eighty ninth minute so when it. It's now six innings off seven games for the club's record score of men's open winning overtime to power road before all the balls or -- Clumsy and Manchester City -- the liberty stadium. This -- -- the better -- the -- there at the -- you Weis did that best opportunity placing his shot wide from close range. He does not have much to play ball in the contest suddenly had a tendency to. And they'll let Eddie Jeff -- would probably still wondering how he missed the Jones the -- you liked on the that in its fullest it sounds like it. At -- hopeful hopes alive with a lightning traded Southampton people don't want our flight was delayed by half an -- and it seems like that's that's mold of the visit that hasn't. Well let's go away from taking -- lead is that. Let's break it -- -- of the post -- -- Lawrence. Even though it is headed for every challenge like the different things but. Almost inevitably the top and safety it would be there are file the -- assigned to Triple Crown prior to game showed just why they vote to the rest of the business with a sense. You know -- They went up went what's that leave without it. Wigginton that survival hopes alive with the trip west -- and that -- points that come from behind today's open. The Vikings let's stipulate up 29 minutes as well as close to bolt crossed for Shelley Long -- this goal. But we don't want to have a wedge on positional picked out a -- covered -- to headed. And that was how it -- -- Ohman into the second half when -- left defending promised taste out of our McCauley and not west -- back -- Wouldn't fall back for a second time out there restore power to help me yet critics. That's something -- Jenkins the top that produced a stunning diving head up to equalize with his best option. -- -- -- -- -- -- I won't could prove that they get crucial went up just ten minutes from time brilliant weapons sold a lot of great jobs which was taken by all of the bottom -- Granted again. You also running into trouble off with a torn up lined up west that they can. Agonizingly close to taking that twenty that it made it. So that was thwarted by the Wall Street goal line where it reflects the very. Replays proved that the team we get back -- just about dated off. I'm at best jobs the when he arrived just past the hour and it felt the formatting favorite Kevin Nolan. But he was denied twice in quick succession by Robin yet that Golden State finished that often talk. Also stayed on both the champions league qualification of with a routine victory at already relegated QB off. It took the visit is just 21 seconds to score what looked very good only go with a guy as they -- woke up to its telling that I'm like that's what I think in all competitions. That was the -- regulations like the -- -- -- just never recovered. They did I was up like -- we'll check -- Chesney at the site for glory ready for that got as good value for free big points. Browne -- to six continued wins their games on Sunday. The bustle of a bullet at its indoor fun and a pretty good get up all that -- -- they -- -- -- have the ball in the best of 56 minutes so that is that and it was ruled out for a foul on JVR got. The veteran reds' offense that was like these balls lobbing the ball retirement. And at least he had a clean shake them off if he can. Chelsea's hopes of itself -- finished -- that you're birds with victory over the champions. IT seven scoreless innings and collapsed at all track -- people Ramirez and Austin combined to -- you know but while I'm done with the height of it. Collection of the folks in school of public person that went up. But like that I go down as a fill out jugs of golf and Manchester United's misery was compounded at that and the fact that I had and all that well -- the frustration -- -- Phillies. Referee Howard went in this option that. But the -- the pull back. And beat united spoke to come back. At the blues go. Ground back to six included all bummed that it's something that and spoke very wanna taste. The visit does little more violent Johnny Adams political chaos. Good -- of the -- physical as typical in the second attempt. And the home side toss but even on that. Just -- I'll foul ball great golf does -- -- have a really really nice but that option but to brandished right red hot. Though despite the numerical disadvantage some -- -- and -- share of the spoils with a sixty that but it flies out. As a bust in losses colon was swept it by John Shiite relief mentality -- -- we'll send Lindsey this has a point. The Suns got six. That was always something that didn't think they. Free points above the floor so wickets with the pitch like they might now that the medication likes it if they went back -- -- and it means you also a all right a -- point lead to trouble. But that's not the -- the champions league qualification popping up. Manager's decisions don't need a couple of point yet they have places won't Chelsea have stolen a mop -- -- a -- -- On the -- to look like only one.

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