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Current Video:Premier League Preview: Chelsea v Tottenham|

Chelsea is hosting Tottenham on Wednesday which could prove to be the crucial match for next years UEFA Champions League .


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Own -- home I'm. Champions league qualification is on the line when Chelsea based of them on Wednesday night please tell -- -- much is united on Sunday. The one -- tried to keep them to vote in the table. Three points above that it weak opponents -- This will be Chelsea 66 game of -- marathon campaign. Interim boss Rafael Benitez is stretching on the -- that he's -- -- -- for a called strike picked up in your forced him to miss the Old -- -- -- it wouldn't -- -- struggling with the hip injury in practice abroad could play his Baghdad in just six days. -- that led off what could they think Southampton on subsidize it to connect -- from Triple Crown glare of the hit Garth failed to snatch a crucial victory that keeps us in the hunt for its helpful finish. Authorities thought -- up for -- the -- -- the W since he's on dread get us thus making his first return to stop the bridge since being sacked just jealousy about it just fourteen months ago. ID be completely stood by the return of all the things defensively and got us but -- like to be based in such a big day. What was -- that -- touching goat of the -- lip -- of the saint class with a recurrence of the hamstring problem and to this -- -- -- by the fifth.

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