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Current Video:Recap: Merseyside Derby ends in stalemate draw|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Liverpool and Everton are not able to live up to the hype.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. -- got a chance to catch their mercy side rivals Everton at anfield on Sunday and that's -- in seventh place and five points back of the -- is. And if little can't catch that and that means that this will be the second season in a row an average and finished as the top team on mercy side. That ever you know look to snap a fourteen year winless streak at anfield. It scared their playing in his thirtieth and final -- -- -- -- every bit -- of retirement. I think it got in the seventeen minutes -- of the pre K Leighton -- find -- Bellini. With the volley go Jets wide. Haven't got involved -- knows it and miss an opportunity 31 minute Jordan has been in the area laid it off for Darren. I'll let the shot is blocked there's -- much traffic in front of the net so we're self toilet. Meanwhile -- -- watching the game went -- -- he hurt his ten game suspension. 48 minutes 46 Kenya the lovely through ball again no carriage. Rounded keeper but came howry and that pretty well -- defendant 56 minute average and corner something -- -- hectic and it. And ref called the ball off. For a foul. They very -- TV get PLO for arguing the call 74 minute periods face it there aren't. He Rams Halard they -- again fairness they have a shot. Does that mean ninth minute let her -- that -- there on Wednesday Daniel I'm very click on head. Why. And I'm very decent enough on the play everything I've read that he okay. So 81 minute -- -- day I live having a very -- can't get on the end of that brought. So. And that doesn't know form in this game live on -- drop -- -- the finals. The last fourth -- got between Liverpool and Everton have all finished and feel. Clayton gains remains the only primarily player to play every minute of every single game this season. The top seeds have now drawn fifteen league games more than any gather to eat the outside. And after the match vote managers about the -- distant disallowed goal. -- physical. Noted the go to the ones and -- playoffs so the goal should start to go see that. Billick stunned as we run into the goal -- get a feel for the political event and it was so physical. It was a clean fuel has been explained you want who -- and a -- almost two others against any should be able to stomp a month maybe the slot shuttle cargo. You think so are other things are open but it's a possibility I don't know if had been X twenty. Know that if but he gave the fell on -- -- -- said that somehow you repeated legal typical for the -- which can never think the ball was over the goalkeeper Cedric who was stood behind. A day Iran and let's on the TV so it was a cool deal I think if you look at these mythical -- -- -- -- plazas and the -- the refereeing has focused on the zone and Michael was. -- was very very good today I think you'll see that as a -- it's already in the -- he's already blown for you know rounds on the shoulders so warm. So -- I think it was it was a clear decision. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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