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Current Video:Recap: Chelsea with late winner over Manchester United|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Chelsea are in great position to secure Champions League play next year.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. That's united and Chelsea they have put together some real masterpiece this campaign Sunday they -- for the fifth time. This season united have had better luck winning three and drawing the other but with the title wrapped up for the red Devils and Chelsea. Fighting to secure a Champions League Football for next season this one have the recipe to be another classic. The last six clashes between these two in all competitions that. Get this -- 29 goals scored that's an average of four point eight goals per game. Sets a good face for this thing fourteenth minute -- fires on goalie picks spot brilliantly -- -- the car. Comes across the diving stop fantastic save that is. 42 minute Ryan Giggs with a through ball from -- them -- he gets the boot on his body sends it wide. That's been can't score every effort and 45 minute that many minutes. He'll put a ball into the area that person is better though lands comfortably in the hands of -- said 45 minutes done nothing on the board with the united missing teacher itself. Maybe just maybe 82 minute not to taken down by Patrice ever just outside the area. So -- Luis Jimenez big -- did in the free kick duties we scored a few goals from there. Doesn't on this occasion wide of the target once a lot of CR seven. 86 minute walk from Chelsea. See Ramirez strips the ball from the substitute Wayne Rooney goes down rather easily -- but no call made and -- is not happy about. It's healthy then go on the -- -- of that Oscar season Massa. Who puts his shot off Phil Jones and -- and -- and guard Jones credited with an own goal and -- still arguing a no phone call. One mil for Chelsea this one so had a lot left in 88 minute. Rafael. Chasing down government he fouled them you did so with a bit of bitterness between civilians on the replay you can see dump Luis laughing. He drew the foul not only that this Robinson's. Pushing and -- seven and pushing these -- hate each other but does then settled -- Rafael has shown a straight red card. Imagine the smile and put on such a -- face that. Chelsea hang up for the one they'll win they move into third place -- -- United's record run of scoring and 66 consecutive from the games. -- Old Trafford had come through and Chelsea it's where the opening goal and 23 from the game since he's now more than anybody else. After the defense has now won two of -- last three games at Old Trafford take that for afterward both managers had plenty to say about Rafael sending off. And if he hasn't seen I don't think Casilla -- -- has gone to the fight -- residual -- it. You know. And if for nothing to us convinced -- it was that I can't I do things today incidents against him and if -- -- sold them always try to send. Enjoy it if we wind and then you can compliment you would change nothing if you -- so I think it -- Is to just let them we can seed twenty times -- the TV if you want but that wouldn't change anything. He's just that you haven't seen any incidents but I'll try described Houston when Devin losers actually on the floor. BC it's just really good. Here but it kicks -- field. He's he's he's he's looking up and smiling I'm not quite sure thing I don't know partial -- to make of that what you -- do that -- Clarence -- on the floor. Having been the case I haven't seen in the incidents and I would look had too much because they're they're out 200 incident says every. We channeled in the league. And then you would potentially think. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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