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Catch all the action from the latest installment of the Merseyside derby.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The 100 but -- psyched up -- anfield and to the pool the -- it bullet points adrift of their neighbors. They cut Chelsea's beautiful between this as close as ever today. But I love the lady getting on the edge of Leighton Baines freak -- and -- -- with skip the top scorer with twelve tackles for the season. We obviously have a little this -- its way back in 1990 knowing. The pool with a bat aside up to that for the most well picks who have worked here. Drove to Henderson sitting up we skipper Steven general Mitchell really will walks but coach ideal -- -- out of 32 points decided to stick to these contracts. Think they to protect -- at least 500. Seat yet appearance he moved to the fuel saving law. Funeral for his well and stuff to -- that he -- to -- league games this season. Still in the first half led to an accident chanted his first -- -- -- but then like Jackie helped McCain is doing starting today and couldn't succeed yet. It's a resolute wanted to finish above Liverpool at the table for a second successive season. For the first time since the early 1960s. Into the second half and the -- dispute that he'll command continue to play Daniels star rich. Just with a little bit too like the NBA who worked for two that would be able to go. Thanks in thirteen minutes of -- bestowed since his move from Chelsea. Who sits at you phils lost weekend they struggled in front of bill today and it's a local book from UT yet resilient. Fitting that it almost like okay. Habits and didn't have the pool with a bit through -- that distance had a but it was this -- -- by referee Michael -- Conceivably crew pushed like it's a -- to be on Jose Enrique. Replays were inconclusive to say the least. And the city who protested. They -- -- we will have some percent to updates but he still Vettel won it and feel it it is typical male. And it's a bit.

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