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Would Chelsea be able to come away with a much-needed win at Old Trafford? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Q if you climbed back into the community to -- Couldn't defeat to Manchester United little surrendered the game that didn't come to life into the political minutes. -- -- -- The Pacific -- good. -- is that the ticket sold to the modes planned this move to guard. It was about the strength united lineup that carry loaded and Rudy York who -- It was only 22 minutes before the red Devils were the goal yet but simply that this moment Milton. Going -- Still looks. Up from his school free -- you know -- -- -- them -- Once he -- of targets. The second half smoke Chelsea social -- political three points and made it through it's -- finish. For Clement won't sell ticket itself to beautiful thing Shultz what inspiration. Having played -- -- using 37 days blitzing more than you know 91. If this was a game to pull for the blues but they got their. Time went -- with a goal to be deflection and throwing ponson in the go out there. News especially defensively so. Benson's deal with the sign that things to unravel the majesty in the team. Then two minutes later went home with him just what a great job opportunity didn't get a glimpse. It's incredible facility and make the most of the challenge for us that'd be the pundits like to influence that it since the victory. And -- the road trip with a three years and you know if you do you'll -- --

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